Objective Forex: May 2016

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trading Week 5/30/16

Another incredible trading week comes to an end, for forex last week both our GBPJPY and GBPUSD plays captured easy steady gains and we are continuing both plays once again. CRBP is up 15% since we alerted, ULBI up 12% and MBII stayed relatively unchanged however bounced up over 5% totaling over 40% gains in just 5 trading days last week. We have also updated and refreshed our stock picks page, feel free to check it out here.

Forex Play

LONG GBPJPY at 160.5

Stock Picks This Week

ALIM (Alimera Sciences) This valuable pharmaceutical company working on development and commercialization of treatment for a diabetes related disease DME. They boast 85% institutional ownership, with a promising pipeline and great technical accumulation last month pushing share price up from 1.70 to 2.60 then back down to 1.55. Total revenue is increasing and price to sales is very low and we see great steady price appreciation here. 
Buy under $1.55

PRPH (ProPhase Labs) Another pharmaceutical company focused on a wide variety of medicines, having a volume anomaly on May 24th with big buys and a strong 3 month positive trend we see significant upside here with the price to book value ratio so low.
Buy under $1.45

NVET (Nexvet Biopharma) a clinical stage bio-pharma focused on developing and researching effective treatment options for pets, with positive study data released and strong support at the 2.80 levels, we recommend a tight stop loss as we follow momentum play.
Buy under $3.00


Bitcoin (BTC) has had an incredible rally and is nearing 2014 highs, popping from $450 a month ago to $543 today, this means it's a great time to buy cryptocurrencies as more and more eyes fall on this upcoming industry.

In addition our short play on STR last week is going excellent and we are continuing this play over the coming month.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trading Week 5/23/16

Quiet action last week other than OGXI reaching up almost 20% on monday. Our GBPUSD play steadily rose as we predicted and has more to come.

Forex Play

For a new play we have been analyzing GBPJPY and a carefully placed long at these levels look great. In addition we recommend continuing the GBPUSD long play as we see longer term price appreciation here.

LONG GBPJPY at 159.8
minor LONG GBPUSD at 1.45

Stock Picks This Week

CRBP (Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings) A clinical stage biotech focused on treating inflammatory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, having completed their phase I trials with a promising safety profile and starting Phase IIa we see long term success and short term success here, insiders have been buying up shares around the $2.40 range and with a strong trend up from $2.20 as shares are accumulated we see a lot of upside in store.

Buy under $2.70

ULBI (Ultralife Corp) Industrial Electrics small cap, focused on power solutions, batteries and communication systems. With 65% of shares held by institutions and a P/E ratio of 23 this company looks solid and generated profit, trading around $6 in January before being slowly sold down to its current price $3.81 which is closer to the average share price back in 2014. This company is silently acquiring other businesses with diligence, we see a relatively unknown company on the right track.

Buy under $3.50

MBII (Marrone Bio Innovations) An interesting chemicals company, working on producing safe bio-based crop protecting products, although they are facing NASDAQ de-listing for deficient share price, they have strong support around $0.60 and with their share structure can easily bounce back quickly on volume. With 40% institutional ownership certain investors still believe in this company.

Buy under $0.65


 The cryptocurrency DGB has been moving upwards since our May 8th trading post as more and more people accumulate these valuable coins.

We are releasing our first ever SHORT play on a cryptocurrency. Lumens (STR on the stellar network)

You can short these coins on poloniex, on July 5th Lumens holders will be granted free lumens based on if they have had bitcoins before, which means a large amount of lumens will potentially be sold on the open market, with a short position you can take advantage of this.

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Trading Week 5/16/16

 Some good tradability on last weeks picks, ECTE ended up +7% over the week with ATNM slightly up as well. 

Forex Play

We're going to continue this play for a third time as we keep getting better and better data, the GBPUSD pair is looking like a relatively safe haven for now on longs.


Stock Picks This Week

HTGM (Molecular Diagnostics) Our momentum play for the week, popping over 30% last Friday this shows great confidence as more institutions add this company to their holdings. Strong support buys at $2.40. Hovering around $3.00 we see further upside.

Buy under $3.00

UQM (UQM Technologies) A company involved in electric motors and generators for vehicles, on a strong upward trend from 0.60 to 0.84 in the last 3 months we see more room for a good run. Earnings are coming on may 26 and with the price to book ratio quite low an earnings surprise could significantly increase share price.

Buy under $0.83

LTRX (Lantronix) A networking/communications company, on a nice trend upwards from last week ending Friday up 11%, with positive earnings and more and more contracts/licensing deals this company should have a bright future.

Buy under $1.30

OGXI (OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals) A Clinical stage bio-pharmaceutical company that traded around $3 one year ago, with 20% institutional ownership and good progress on trials this could be a good long term hold.

Buy under $0.83

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trading Week 5/9/16

Altogether our stock plays last week ended up flat at the close. There were great movements up and down and we hope some of our sharper traders capitalized on this. Our only bad loser was NRX, which before opening bell declared bankruptcy and we immediately issued a caution warning on this play. 

Since we always release our alerts on Sunday most of you were able to avoid NRX here. RXDX popped over 7% after alert however on Friday was battered down 11%, we are still confident in this company. ALQA and BPMX remained pretty much unchanged over the week.

Forex Play

Our GBPUSD play spiked shortly after alert up to 1.48 before dropping down to 1.44 throughout the week, we're going to continue this play because of the strong technicals on the chart as well as strong short term fundamentals here.


Stock Picks This Week

IMUC (ImmunoCellular Therapeutics) A clinical-stage biotech that caught our eye last week. Receiving approval on Friday for their drug which treats a new disease Glioblastoma (a deadly type of brain cancer), investors and traders were weary holding over the weekend and despite popping over 20% on release of the news early a steady sell-off beat the share price down to just up 4% instead of up over 20%. We see intense action on Monday and throughout the week with this one.

Buy Under 0.26

TAIT (Taitron Components) A distributor of electronic components which is nearing profitability, they issued a special dividend recently and with an extended lull of news and PR releases in addition to the pop last week from $0.85 to $1.01 a share we see a great momentum and ground floor investing opportunity. 

Buy Under $1.00

ATNM (Actinium Pharmaceuticals) Trending downwards over the last week from $1.90 to $1.70, with many upcoming catalysts including 4 drugs that are in trial we see Actinium as very oversold.

Buy under $1.75

ECTE (Echo Therapeutics) Another biotech involved in making a glucose monitoring system active at all times. Recently releasing some very positive articles on their development and progress. With a strong positive trend from over 3 months ago this could be our most solid momentum/safe play this week.

Buy under $1.50


DGB is finally stabilizing around 66 satoshi.
(Click to enlarge)

We see great value at these levels, 66 satoshi seems to be a stable support level currently.
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Trading Week 5/1/16

We continue the streak of stock gains with the close of this month, with particularly impressive action stemming from AREX netting about 40%+ over the week.

Our USDJPY play was disrupted by the BOJ policy announcement, we cautioned against a drop and hopefully if you had a position you used a well placed stop-loss.

Forex Play

We're looking at a solid play with a long GBPUSD on market open, please be aware that there is data being released on Monday which will add volatility. 1.400 looks to be a solid accumulation/support zone.


Stock Picks This Week

RXDX (Ignyta) A strong biotech that has had interesting action the last month pulsing from $7 to over $8 a share, with 75% institutional ownership and having reached a high of $19.40 last year we see stable growth here. In addition short term investing and cash is at an all time high and this company is clearly on the right path.
Buy under $7.00

ALQA (Alliqua BioMedical) Another hidden biotech specializing in wound care that began the year at $2.00 a share, despite increasing revenues year over year it was beaten down to an all time low of $0.70 before buyers rushed in. Last week ALQA sported an impressive run from $0.75 up to $1.10 and we presume more and more institutions are dipping their feet into this one.

Buy under $0.85 

BPMX (BioPharmX) Yet another biotech as we keep finding hidden value in this sector right now. This stock has been very quiet until recently developing specific pain relief tablets, we see this current price as the ground floor level. Over the last week it was pinned at around $0.95-$1.00 before dropping to $0.79 in just a 4 day period, however at this level volume has increased substantially. We expect exciting announcements in the future for this one.

Buy under $0.75

NRX (NephroGenex) Our final biotech for this week, and this one fits the high risk high reward bill. This stock has had very interesting action last trading cycle. Trading around $0.40 and jumping almost 80% in one day nearing $1.00 a share before crashing back down to regular levels the next day, mostly due to the company canceling development of it's primary kidney disease treatment option, this trail ended up being far to expensive for the company and subsequently have postponed research, they have hired bankers as they reevaluate strategy and their business plan, with a reasonable amount of cash on hand we see a possible turn around breakout but be aware they may conduct reverse splits and other fund raising techniques that could pressure the share price.

(Caution, Chapter 11 filed before open 5/2/16)

Buy under $0.40