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Other Ways of Generating Wealth and Passive Income

Making money online is easier than ever with the cryptocurrency revolution, the amount you earn may not seem very large at first but if you take advantage of all the easy hidden ways on the internet we have collected you may turn a nice profit.
This list will be continually updated as we find new opportunities.
(last updated 3/18/21)

If you don't have a wallet for cryptos, sign up on Coinbase, one of the most secure online wallets available

Using this link and investing $100 in cryptos gives you a free additional $10 in Bitcoin! Easy 10% gain

Brave Browser

Browse the internet using the Brave browser, this is an excellent safe browser that will block adds, ensure privacy and will earn you BAT (Basic Attention Token) which is one of our current cryptocurrency picks. It will import settings and bookmarks from most browsers.

Staking Cryptocurrencies

There are many new cryptos that currently offer "staking" which means the more you hold the more you gain passively at different rates. See our cryptocurrency page for staking cryptos. Current staking cryptos include: XTZ (Tezos Coin),  ALGO (Algorand), and CRO (Crypto.com Coin)

Dividend Stocks

Many stocks offer dividends that are paid our, monthly, quarterly, or yearly and can offer incredible passive income over many years if their value holds.

Gigs on Fiverr

Click here to join Fiverr. Create gigs and sell services for free!

Bitcoin Gambling

Provably fair bitcoin gambling with easy deposits. Invest your own bitcoins or as a tip use our free faucets to gain enough to earn for free.

Freebitco.in is a popular bitcoin betting site, a very generous faucet paying around 350 satoshis you can bet for free in a normal dice type rolling game, there is also a free lottery for playing with over 1.7 btc as a reward. A unique referral system means we can regularly pay out bonuses to all signups, and pay more based on your activity.
Our account will send out shared bonuses to all users signed up with this link
As of 6/10/20 we have shared 0.00040879 BTC with all of our referrals, based on recent activity. Yes we are that generous. The more active you are the more you gain, this is a fun and easy way to create passive income.

Creating a ERC-20 Token

Creating an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum network can gain you passive income if you create a token with a usecase that people will pay for. This requires some coding knowledge.

Click here to use a nice easy token creator.

Captcha Completion Programs

Fill out and complete captcha codes for money, you can get paid to your bank account or in bitcoins. With new smart captcha solving you can earn a reasonable amount.

Click here to visit megatypers.com sign up with code: JBO for a bonus.

Fanduel Sports Betting

Do you like sports? Are you good at picking over/under scores and predicting wins? Offer to bet your friends often? This one is for you, with a bonus.

Grants a Fanduel $10 Bonus! FOR FREE! Enjoy

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