Objective Forex: April 2022

Friday, April 29, 2022

Let's make some bread

Welcome back traders, since our last post bitcoin has made some moves. Hopefully we once again helped you capture some gains. As of this post we see bitcoin at $39243.8 dropping slightly and testing support. Bitcoin has been climbing recently attempting to test the delicate 40k barrier.

We as always recommend Bitcoin as a solid hold BTC holds strong at current resistance levels and we see a steady growth towards the 45k range before stronger action occurs. 

We have updated our Cryptocurrency Picks page once again with a few new picks.


CRO continues to be one of our favorite picks, holding strong at key resistance levels and staying in the 0.39 cent area.

We have a new pick in cryptos, ZIL (Zilliqa) currently price at $0.0868 a piece, they strive to solve the issue of blockchain scalability and according to the chart the technicals look great, we are initiating this play with decent confidence.


We have two new fresh stock picks for this year and beyond. We're playing it safe with these curated picks, we have two dividend powerhouses that are poised for increased growth while providing monthly dividends.

GOOD (Gladstone Commercial) $21.94
real-estate investment trust with aggressive tactics, proven track record and excellent revenue management. We're in here for a few years. 

PNNT (Pennant Investment) $7.52
An investing firm with a diversified portfolio and outstanding financials, proven track record of regular large dividends and a great price entry point.

Speculative plays 

IONQ (IonQ) $8.22
One of the leading manufacturers for quantum computers and quantum computing, even as a speculative company they are on the cusp of achieving profitability, in addition to being a excellent long play on quantum development.

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