Objective Forex: October 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trading Week 10/30/16

USDJPY and GBPJPY climbed through our alert as expected, however traders seem wary to create big positions at these price levels, this points towards a strong move coming soon. Our GENE stock pick continued to drop and we recommend averaging down here at 1.30 with a very tight stop, and recommend no more trades if price further declines past 1.00.

WFD (Westfield Financial) is looking stronger as volume increases at a steady rate, we see this as a solid longer term swing trade option.

Forex Play

LONG USDJPY at 104.4

Technically strong buy indication and further continuation.

Stock Picks This Week

CVRS (Corindus Vascular Robotics) We've identified another high value biotech here, CVRS which was beaten down last week on great trial news, we see this as a large long term institutional holder exiting their position for no significant reason. This would be a perfect time to establish a position depending on sentiment throughout the coming week. 

CVRS appears extremely strong right now with little debt and enough liquid assets to settle all debts and then some. This coupled with strong pipeline news and continued careful management points towards a really strong end of 2016 run and positive movement throughout 2017 for CVRS. 

Buy recommendation under $1.00


Bitcoin breaks out cruising up to $710! Congratulations on all cryptocurrency investors.

We see further action here as high price drives visibility to the industry.

XRP and XMR looking strong as well. We recommend keeping an eye on DGB as price has declined to very attractive levels.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trading Week 10/23/16

last weeks play GENE stayed relatively unchanged, other than a slight spike up to our alert price, due to the action we're continuing the play across the next week. USDJPY had some spikes but stayed pinned below target prices closer to our alert. We will continue this strong dollar play in addition to GBPJPY looking prime for a pop.

Forex Play

LONG GBPJPY at 126.9
LONG USDJPY at 103.9

Technically strong buy indication. Continuation of USDJPY at 103.9.

Stock Picks This Week

WFD (Westfield Financial) Our bullish volume scanner has picked up this excellent play here, we've seen accumulation through the 7.55 levels and a strong surge of volume last week, financials are looking up for this banking related holding company, also offering a solid dividend. Look for profit taking on Monday before establishing a large position, we see a great swing trade opportunity here for a few months while picking up the dividend. 

Buy recommendation under $7.80

GENE (Genetic Technologies) Continuation of last weeks GENE play, still attractive confidence and buys happening at these levels, continuing to establish position over the coming week. Click here to read last weeks post on GENE.

Buy recommendation under $1.70


Bitcoin continues to make impressive moves reaching up at $650, in addition our ARDR and XRP alert offered many profit filled situations. XMR has stabilized quite well and we are looking for bullish action from here out.

Long DGB
Long XRP
Long XMR

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trading Week 10/16/16

Our last weeks pick LPCN suffered heavy manipulation as as long holders dumped large share positions, declining price down nearly 30% from alert. We still believe in the long term price appreciation here and the current price is a large discount still. Our USDJPY play exceeded extremely well, with our alert in the 102.8 levels bringing large profit for long positions. We are continuing the USDJPY play as more and more confidence returns to the pair. 

Bitcoin continues to rise as predicted.

Forex Play

Continued technically strong buy indication.

Stock Picks This Week

GENE (Genetic Technologies) GENE is a life sciences molecular diagnostics company focused on assessing cancer risk, they sell a risk assessment test product called BREVAGenplus. Company spending has increased significantly causing a bearish fade downwards over the last few months although large scale buys and impressive volume have shown up now at this calculated bargain price, nearing the actual price of all assets. This marks the high chance of a recovery in price as people continue to take advantage of the recent sharp drops. We recommend carefully monitoring price action at market open and establishing a position throughout the week depending on future volume. They've launched a marketing program to increase the sales of BREVAGenplus at the beginning of the month in addition to heavy company research spending we are excited to hear more news from the marketing department, institutional ownership lies around 13.29%.

Buy recommendation under $1.75


The rise of bitcoin price has applied pressure to the crypto world however DGB is becoming very volume heavy and having much more interesting price movements, we recommend continuing to watch as this unfolds with coming news.

Long DGB
Long XRP

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trading Week 10/10/16

Large drop in the forex world for the GBP based pairs, GBPJPY suffered slightly however our USDJPY play increased in strength with a move upwards, we see more upside in the USD here.

Bitcoin continues to rise currently at $618. 

Excellent gains from our stock picks last week, RFIL showing great recovery and giving us a strong 6.8% return over the week. CHMA continued as we predicted and popped nearly 18% from our Monday alert before settling down at a 5% gain for the week. CHMA should continue to grow although we are switching gears to other plays this week.

Forex Play

LONG USDJPY at 102.8

Technically strong buy indication. Continuation.

Stock Picks This Week

LPCN (Lipocine) Lipocine is a specialized pharmaceutical company working on oral delivery drugs affecting testosterone and hormones, featuring a strong pipeline of upcoming products which are already in phase I and phase II testing. With 47% institutional ownership and large buys coming in we see huge future growth here, in the short term and long term. Although a strong pop on Friday moved share price up to $5.5 we still see this as a good entry here, we anticipate a slight drop at market open before a huge recovery throughout the day and increasing strength through the week. Price to book lies at a comfortable 2.5x level which is 50% better than comparable industry competition.

Buy recommendation under $5.40


Bitcoin continues upwards, XMR recovered nicely as well.

Incredible movements from a new coin (POT) pot coin, we noticed this coin around the 350 satoshi level and it has had one of the strongest bullish runs we've seen in the crypto marketplace with nearly no dips downwards it has rose up to 1900 satoshi. We recommend being very careful here as manipulation can cause giant swings in price, we will investigate further and try to find a good entry.

XMR Long
DGB Long

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trading Week 10/2/16

Last week CHMA stayed put hovering around alert price so we are continuing this valuable biotech throughout this week as well. We have a bonus Forex play in addition to the GBPJPY continuation, we are getting ready for heavy movements in JPY pairs. 

Strong action in the cryptocurrency world as bitcoin rises in price and XMR recovers.

Forex Play

Continue LONG GBPJPY at 131
LONG USDJPY at 101.2

Technically strong buy indication. We are continuing our GBPJPY play through the week and introducing an additional USDJPY play as well to take advantage of the strengthening dollar.

Stock Picks This Week

RFIL (RF Industries) Introducing a new non-biotech pick this week, RF Industries is an electronics/components manufacturer specializing in fiber optic cabling, we see this is sort of a niche that has strong demand as more fiber optic internet systems are set up, the company already lies at a strong price with respect to assets with very little debt, we see solid support at 1.7 and anticipate growth throughout the week.

Buy recommendation under $1.75

CHMA (Chiasma) Continuation of this play from last week as we see even stronger buys coming in, read our detailed analysis on CHMA here.

Buy recommendation under $3.00


NXT has continued the bearish fade down to 1900, however we see strong support at these levels as big players will squeeze in for the last part of the snapshot program for NXT throughout the end of October. 

Big swings up and down for XMR as well however we ultimately see upside here.

Long NXT
Long XMR
Long DGB
Short STR