Objective Forex: 2017

Monday, May 22, 2017

Mining Cryptocurrencies for passive income

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Long Term Super Stocks meets one year goal

We are pleased to announce our first one year "super stocks" portfolio collection has reached 14.50% return. We projected a yearly return of 15%. This is extremely accurate and helps us perfect our trading systems even more. 

We hope many of you were able to achieve some gains from this page as well.

We will continue to run this collection of picks and may introduce a new version of super stocks for very near future high gain.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Trading Month May 5/1/2017

Here we are back again for the month of May. Huge gains in cryptocurrency and with DGB.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication.

Shifting tensions indicate a much stronger EUR coming, with technicals pointing upwards over the next few months. 

Stock Picks This Week

SNAP (Snapchat) Snap has remaining nearly unchanged from our previous alert, slightly higher. After this long consolidation period we feel traders are becoming more and more trusting in this stock, institution buying is increasing.

Buy recommendation under $21.9


BTC has been on an incredible rush the last month hitting over $1400. We anticipate a slight movement downwards as players secure some profits before BTC continues past the $1400 mark.

DGB was our winner last month as we alerted closer to 27 before a huge run up to over 100+. Now settling around the 72 mark. We will look towards XRP now for an attractive opening.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trading Month April 4/4/2017

Here comes another exciting month, things are heating up as the markets continue cruising and stabilizing at high prices. The cryptocurrency market is also making incredible moves with bitcoin reaching nearly $1300 and dropping and resuming back to 1159 as of now on a steady pace upwards again, in the other cryptocoins we've seen incredible movement from DGB, a currency we have supported for a long time, DGB rose up to 39 as of now since our alert at 27, that's a huge percentage if you got in there. We will continue to go long on DGB and also honorable mentions to XRP for popping hugely upwards into the 7000 range, we have consistently labeled this cryptocurrency as a winner in our cryptocurrency page  from nearly day one at lower than 900... 

These are exciting times at Objectiveforex.com and we are ready for reaching more impressive goals in addition to our above average return on investment rate.

As many of you know our own cryptocurrency coin Investokens (INTKN)  is scheduled to release this year, we have had a few roadblocks in the process but we are pleased to inform you everything is going as planned, look out for more news closer to the end of the year. If you're interested in investing in Investokens create an account with NXT and search for the currency.

Our play of the month is SNAP

SNAP (Snapchat) has looked attractive from the start, extremely popular and not to be underestimated, many investors think the profit deficit makes this a terrible stock to bang your money into, but you have to rely on the fundamental aspects and marketing possibilities here. Nearly every single person has snapchat downloaded, elders are starting to get involved with it, there are already advertisements being presented in an organic way to every user. 

Price target: 40.00

Buy recommendation: $25+

Forex play:

USDJPY looking strong at 110

Price target: 117

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trading Month February

Greetings traders, we're finally back with some plays in our new monthly play format.  We have also invested heavily into a new startup Plexdeck. Feel free to check them out.

Forex Play

LONG USDJPY at 113.15

Technically strong buy indication over the next month.

Stock Pick This Month

SPEX (Spherix Inc) Huge reversal play here, this is a company we have been monitoring for a very long time.

Buy recommendation under $1.20


DGB appears to have stabilized at a lower price, we see upward momentum here.