Objective Forex: February 2016

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trading Week 2/29/16

Although initially rising our EURUSD short did work at as EURUSD fell down to a new support level at 1.09. Hopefully many of you were able to capture some gains from our play.

We are switching sides now as EURJPY looks attractive for a reversal possibly.

We are looking for a quick drop on EURJPY open before we establish a strong LONG position.


For stocks we have some exciting high risk high reward plays.

RJET (Republic Airways Holdings) has declared chapter 11 bankruptcy as some of you have most likely heard, and there is always a bitter sweetness of airline stocks declaring bankruptcy as we all are aware of American Airlines persevering out of bankruptcy with skyrocketing share price.

RJET seems to have stable support around $0.80 for now and we anticipate this will be a good short time buying level.

Keep in mind bankruptcy does not guarantee shares will survive the restructuring, maximum loss possible.

Buy under $0.75

MYL (Mylan Inc) is a relatively unknown pharmaceutical company which has had some increased volume and volitility recently with some new developing products and projects.

We see large short to medium term upside at $45.00 or higher share price.

Buy under $45.00

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trading Week 2/22/16

As always another exciting week approaches again.

For forex we are looking at a speculative medium term EURUSD short to stay with the longer timeframe trends while buying pressure loosens up.


For stocks we have two interesting plays that should be somewhat safer than our usual undervalued targets as we selected some picks from our analysis that had unusual accumulation during the last few weeks and as we know stocks being accumulated heavily over a range of days is a very strong signal of possible insider knowledge and/or confidence.

KLDX (Klondex Mines) showing strong swinging gains for the 5th day in a row we believe anything around $2.70 to be a fair value.

Buy under $2.70

AKER (Akers Biosciences) showing an anomaly on 2/17 popping up to near $2.00 share price being hushing quickly back down to the $1.30-$1.80 range.

Buy under $1.40

Friday, February 19, 2016

Oil Update

We have analysed strength here and decided to take a speculative short term position long on oil. At $32 we should see a good amount of upside for the risk on market open on monday.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Next week plays 2/15/16

For this coming week we have a few nice opportunities.

The USDJPY has been battered down to an extreme and intervention has happened, we can be sure this is a solid buy signal.


For stocks we have analysed a few.

SUNE (Sunedison Inc) has been extremely volatile lately and has attempted debt refinancing on a wide level, it's at $1.45 a share and getting close to its asset value.

Anything below $1.65 should be a strong buy.

NXTD (NXT-ID) gaining contracts after contracts, revenue is skyrocketing and so is the shareprice, popping over 59% last trading session. Currently at $0.70 having popped a few months ago up to $1.30

Anything below 0.60 should be a solid medium term buy.

Monday, February 1, 2016

A new exciting month arrives here with February.

Our long USDJPY play from Jan. 24th was a great success with the giant pop upwards and we imagine many of you took advantage of this move.

We will let that one cool off with a new solid forex play here.


For stock plays this week we have two contenders.

CRDC (Cardica Inc) A play we had recently and want to revisit now with even stronger buy signals.

ASTI (Ascent Solar Technologies) hit earnings out of the park with a huge increase and popped up for over 55%!