Objective Forex: March 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trading Week 3/28/16

Our USDJPY long play persevered and reached 113.4 from 111.1 when we alerted it, a tremendous gain with almost no draw down and most if not all of you should have profited from this play.

We are switching gears over to a short on EURUSD after we detected some weakness and slow deterioration of support.


All of our stock plays last week ended up with impressive gains except for RNVA, which we still believe is a very strong buy at under $0.90 and should see some good action this week. However we have a fresh list of valuable small caps to trade this session.

SYPR (Sypris Solutions) one of our more interesting picks a component manufacturer engaged in developing missiles and missile technologies on the cusp of profitability according to the last earnings release in addition to possibilities of a government contract with their new missile encryption device this company previously traded around $2 a share on even less news, this pick is undervalued at its current price of $0.85 a share.

Buy under $1.00

APRI (Apricus Biosciences) A strictly momentum play, this biotech has been cruising up 13% last trading session and shows no signs of stopping with very confident eyes on share price, market open should be interesting and this play should continue to soar.

Phase 2b Data failure, use caution

Buy under $1.15

ELTK (Eltek) An electronics small cap based in israel, unfairly beaten down in the last few trading days dropping down to $1.12 from a $1.50 pop. We imagine the value of this company is closer to $2-$4.

Buy under $1.00

EVAR (Lombard Medical) A new Health Care based company focusing on grafts, popping over 35% last session due to great news due to trainings being hosted featuring the company's technology. We anticipate a slight leveling off of shares before more gains are made.

Buy under $0.90

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trading Week 3/21/16

Another week arrives in these exciting times. 

Our previous NZDCHF play dropped shortly after alert before a steady pulse upwards and although profits were hard to capture some of you should have been able to gather a few pips.

For this week we are looking at a USDJPY LONG play as it looks to be coiling up for a big move here soon at the 111.415 levels.

LONG USDJPY at 111.140

Our stock plays last week ended up quite volatile throughout the week trading in a range before ending quite flat. We recommend you keep these plays on your watchlist (BBLU, SPEX, TEAR, and SSKN) as we still see them as great buys at our rated prices.

For this week we have another collection of undervalued plays.

RNVA (Rennova Health) losing less and less money each quarter while running multiple trials and tests, this relatively new biotech currently at 64% institutional investor ownership anything around $0.90 should be a good bargain.

Buy under $0.90

ONTY (Oncothyreon) Another biotech which has seen heavy accumulation from $1.00 up to 1.30, valued among institutional investors this should be a solid play at $1.00

Buy under $1.00

FES (Forbes Energy Services) An undervalued small cap which has seen a swift, strong move up from $0.30 to $0.50.

Buy under $0.40 

APPY (Venaxis) A risky small cap biotech with volatile action the past week moving from $0.20 to $0.30 over a few days with heavy momentum and volume, we believe this trend should continue.

Buy under $0.25

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Cryptocurrency Spotlight: DGB (Digibyte)

With the cryptocurrency market exploding at an exponential rate and new coins being introduced every day we have already set out to find promising coins at the ground floor level and we just might have found one.

What is Digibyte?

Digibyte (DGB) is a rapidly expanding global payment/security blockchain that is decentralized, similar to paypal only with better fee structure and higher speed.

Digibyte has already expanded into the gaming industry securing connections with Counter Strike and League of Legends where you can earn DGB while playing and then use your Digibytes to purchase many different products and services on their own marketplace (www.digibytemarket.com)

Here are some other highlights showing why DGB is set to outperform other small coins:

  • You store & send data in megabytes & gigabytes, why not send money and secure data in DigiBytes?
  • DigiByte has 5 decentralised mining altos vs Bitcoins 1. Your average gamer can still mine DGB with a desktop
  • We have 21 billion DGB to be generated in 21 years
  • DGB is scalable to match visas 2000 TPS by 2021, currently can do 280 TPS ( more that Western Union at 30 tps and PayPAl at 130 tps)
  • We have advanced difficulty adjustment code that has been used by several other coins including Dogecoin
  • We have DiguSign which allows smart contracts and documents to be embedded in the DGB blockchain
  • We are the only blockchain with a complete blockchain ecosystem ready to be scaled
  • Digibyte transactions are 40x faster than Bitcoin transactions

Digibyte appears set to grow in this exciting new emerging market and we recommend investing for long term growth in this currency.
Do you want to earn DGB from playing LoL or CS? Click here 
(You can trade DGB on poloniex.com, visit www.dgbholdings.com and www.digibytegaming.com for more information)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trading Week 3/14/16

We are continuing our forex play through this week although down slightly a steady recovery seems to be in store.

BUY and HOLD NZDCHF at 0.67

In the stock market we have a promising list of 4 undervalued small caps and we believe some of these could have some short term and long term explosions in share value from what our analysis has found.

BBLU (Blue Earth Inc) An interesting energy company which has been unfairly beaten down to $0.12 a share after being closer to $2.00 a share last year, this company although slowly losing money is racking up contract after contract and anything around $0.15 appears to be a steal on valuation.

Buy under $0.15

SPEX (Spherix Inc) A business services company bleeding money, with multiple recovery efforts and reverse splits this company trades around $2.00 with strong support after a slow bleed from the last few years all the way down from $25+ a share. The company plans to diversify revenue streams and this could a good value buy for a turnaround effort.

Buy under $2.00

TEAR (TearLab Corp) a beaten down biotech trading around $0.75-0.90 range. With solid support and accumulation beginning we see $0.75 as a good price.

Buy under $0.75

SSKN (STRATA Skin Sciences) A biotech small cap previously known as MELA Sciences, which has stayed in a tight ~$1.10 range for a while before exploding upwards near $2.00 from news a few days ago before dropping down, this could be signs of accumulation even with the share price returning to familiar levels.  

Buy under $0.99

With the launch of our cryptocurrency page we alerted a ETH (Ethereum) play last week with ETH trading around 0.025, after our alert ETH has steadily trended upwards to a high of 0.035 which represents a gain of almost 40%! This emerging market is already showing great signs of growth.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trading Week 3/7/16

Another trading week approaches and we should have some great picks yet again.

In the Forex world we are taking it a little easy this time with a low risk play.

We will be initiating a carry trade on NZDCHF to profit from the interest rates.

We recommend a wide stop and low leverage.

BUY and HOLD NZDCHF at 0.67

For stock plays we have some small market cap picks.

TLOG (Tetralogic Pharmaceuticals) has seen a large pop up 50% at the 0.19 levels on great news.

Buy under 0.20

PCO (Pendrell Corp) is seeing strong support around 0.50 and is swinging widely under believed accumulation.

Buy under 0.60

Friday, March 4, 2016

End of Week Overview and Trade Performance

We've had a pretty good start to the year now with the completion of february. Our short term oil play worked out gaining roughly 12% from alert.

(click to enlarge)

The EURJPY play ended up with large growth as we took advantage of the short term dip and established a solid long position.

(click to enlarge)

Our stock plays ended up with some impressive percentage gains as well nearing 200%+ all together.

(click to enlarge)

In other exciting news we have established a cryptocurrency page, click here to check it out and learn about the new emerging crypto market where people are already actively trading with certain crypto market caps nearing $1 Billion. 

This is an unstable and volatile market and extreme caution should be exercised. 

We are also initiating a long term play. Even though this market is volatile and can generate quick price swings most investing is geared towards longer time frames.

ETH (Ethereum) Long at 0.025 

The Stock Picks page has been revamped and we have introduced some new plays.
Click here to check them out

We have also introduced some new penny stock plays, click here to check them out.