Objective Forex: January 2024

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Beginning 2024 Year update, the rebirth of crypto

Beginning 2024 Year Update

The Rebirth of Crypto

Welcome back loyal traders and new readers. We've been running this blog for a long time now and we've enjoyed much success with you all. We feel like 2024 is going to be a new year for crypto and certain assets. Let's take a look at what's happened since our last post.

We still remain bullish on BTC as always. BTC is at 42k since our last post which is a large increase for most of you. Certain cryptos have failed and some are maintaining some power. We will look towards BTC, ETH, and AVAX

Bitcoin and the crypto realm

We think Bitcoin is going to continue upwards at a slight pace as we go through this entire year, we see that things take quite a while to develop and there are a few events worth waiting for such as the next halvening. We aim for a 52k price target at the end of 2024. We see certain other cryptos having some sort of success throughout the year such as AVAX, CRO, ETH, and a few others but no huge increases here.

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ORCL (Oracle) $106.50

An impressive up and coming company that is involved in the provision of products and services that address corporate information and tech environments, with a P/E ratio of 29 and a 1.43% dividend this is a very interesting stock we will continue to watch.

1 year - 10 years+

PNNT (Pennant Investment) $6.98

Investment market company focusing on middle markets in the US in the aerospace and defensive industry. A dividend focused company offering an extremely high yield of 11.47%.

1 year - 6 years+

GOOD (Gladstone Commercial) $13.47

A real-estate investment trust focusing on acquisitions, managing offices of industrial properties. Features an 8.91% Dividend which is substantial.

1 year - 4 years

Speculative plays

IONQ remains a solid pick and has had a wild ride going up to over $12 a share since we shared it and we still recommend this one as a volatile trading pick.

Online Social Casino Gambling

Social Casino's have exploded in popularity recently and we can definitely see why. Online gambling laws have changed and these companies use work arounds letting you purchase fake money to gamble with while also awarding you free "sweeps coins" to use to gamble which you can withdraw into real money. We've found a few different sites that are excellent and continue to pay out on a consistent basis.

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