Objective Forex: May 2015

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week Overview

Welcome back from the short weekend break, I hope everyone is ready for a busy trade filled week. We're looking at a new potential play here with GBPJPY.

With the instabilities and bearish trend in the JPY we're expecting more bullish movement this week across the board against the JPY. Our long standing trend lines are at a critical level now for GBPJPY and we expect more upward momentum now starting us off with a solid pick for the week.


We also predict EURUSD may continue wandering upwards before dropping, and USDJPY continuing on upwards at it's own pace.

Stay tuned for some informative articles over this week on some basic and advanced forex concepts.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Stopped out of our EURUSD trade at 1.099

Stopped out of our EURUSD Trade

Of course, not every trade ends up exactly as planned. We saw a large amount of instability in the EURUSD pair but ultimately broke off upwards slightly, we are ending this pick but may revisit a short opportunity on monday. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The USDJPY and US Dollar continues it's roll

Near perfect continuing action on the USDJPY play as it soars even higher, take a look at the picture displaying the price we alerted this play at. We're glad to share these technical profits with you all. (From the first alert to now is almost 2500+ pips)

We anticipate more bullish movement on the USDJPY pair AFTER a breather coming soon, in most cases a currency pair has to take breaks and can't move in a single direction strongly for ever. 

We're introducing a new play as well today after analysing the recent EURUSD price action, we anticipate further drops now as the EURUSD is looking slightly bearish.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

USD reaches multi-year high

US Dollar reaches multi-year high with incredible movement on our play.

Congratulations to all that could profit.

Take a look at the image showing where we alerted at yesterday and where the USDJPY is at now.

We imagine there's still a little bit of momentum to go in the USDJPY, trade safe.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beginning week overview

Welcome back everyone after our weeklong break. We will not always have trades every single week even though we would like to, but some days it can be better to stay out of the market. We will be aiming for an average of one trade a week. Most of our posts have been related to trades and we have been hard at work gathering resources to bring you tips and good practices for forex and trading in general and not just trade plays.

As we start the week we want to turn our attention over to USDJPY this week as the dollar has been gaining some much needed strength, this should be a solid pick with many opportunities for gains in the upward direction.

Long USDJPY at 121

(click to enlarge)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17 Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We are as of right now not doing any trades this week as we are extremely busy at objectiveforex.com this week, we have many exciting new things coming and to share with you all soon.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

End of week overview.

5 wins in a row

Profitable trades all around with CHFJPY's gradual climb throughout the day giving us a streak hitting all trades this week! We hope you all managed to get some pips out of our plays.

Here is a before and after showing just how useful trendlines can be on the CHFJPY
(click to enlarge)

 We're sure to have some more exciting trades for you next week, in the mean time you can also sign up for email posts further down on our sidebar. 

Thursday Forex Plays and Updates

Trading the GBPUSD ended up very profitable yesterday spiking as the dollar plunged downwards. We hope many of you were able to capitalize on this trade alert and we expect this pick to actually continue and gain more ground after taking a breather back at the 1.57 levels.

Thursday Long 130.0 CHFJPY Play

The CHFJPY has been extremely strong these past weeks and looks primed for a new high and a breakout, this is a speculative play and the risk is slightly greater than normal due to volatility.

With the launch of objectiveforex.com we have been very busy but have still had plenty of trades during the week, we will however not always have trades every day the market is open.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday Forex Plays and Updates

Our Long AUDNZD play started off very choppy yesterday early in the day before returning to a modest gain, hopefully many of you were able to capture some of these gains. 

EURUSD spiked all the way up to 1.137 much like we predicted with the possible test of the 1.13 area. 

Minor Wednesday GBPUSD Play

GBPUSD Long 1.56

With many currency pairs at critical levels we had a difficult time finding a play this morning, however with great data released and extremely bullish action we will turn our attention to GBPUSD for some positive movement.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Forex Plays and Updates

Yesterdays EURUSD long play could not have ended up better, overnight EURUSD spiked up to 1.12790! from the low of 1.114 that we suggested was a buy. Now at new and more unstable levels we are taking our focus off of EURUSD for today. 
Yesterday's bonus play of the GBPJPY Long also ended up with massive profits as a giant spike occurred. We see more bullish action from GBPJPY and this should turn out to continue to be a solid play.


In addition to all the good news we have to share with you we also have a new pick for today, an AUDNZD short term Long, having seen a strong positive trend for the last few days it looks like it is set up for a continuation.

We're also excited to share our stock pick PTBI reached our price target of 10.00 hitting 10.29 today, just two days after us selecting it at 7.25. This pick is now retired and we will keep you updated on future picks. Click here to view our stock picks.

Monday, May 11, 2015

EURUSD Breakout pick

EURUSD Breakout

We called EURUSD at 1.11 and it's on the way up on a nice predicted breakout for 500+ pips, this seems to strengthen the bullish movement we've seen in the recent past with EURUSD, we expect more action as we reach the 1.119 levels

(Click to expand image)

Congrats to all who could gather some gains from this move with more to come, as a reminder we do accept paypal tips at the bottom of the page. 

PTBI On Path to Price Target

PTBI closes up 33.3%+

PTBI had a strong day moving up to an impressive 9.80 close, up 33.3%! 
and extremely close to our price target, we anticipate it will meet it in the very near future, congrats to all who were able to enjoy these gains and be on the look out for more stock picks in the future!

Monday Forex Plays (EURUSD, and GBPJPY Breakout)

We've had some interesting action on EURUSD yesterday at market open, a slight slide down, which should set up this monday play nicely. 

Currently at the 1.11 resistance level we are still long and this should be a solid buy, be on the lookout for a break below 1.107 as this could signal a bearish collapse.


Another play we want to make you aware of is a breakout on GBPJPY possibly still underway. The 186.0 level was shattered and seems to be on a strong trending move up to the 188 level.


Saturday, May 9, 2015

New news for PTBI our upcoming week stock pick

New PR for PTBI

We remain firm on our 10.00 target rating and expect great action on monday morning from PlasmaTech Biopharmaceuticals, this is sure to be a great long term pick and short term play for weeks to come, stay tuned for more updates and new stock pics. 

Monday 5/11 EURUSD Trade Idea

Although still in a downtrend there might be an interesting play for Monday, we've seen extremely bullish action in the recent weeks and after a modest sell-off we're at a critical support level around 1.12115. If it holds we could see a test of the 1.13 area. 

Welcome to Objective Forex, we take a neutral approach to trading and try to provide ideas and possible trades that can be used to formulate your own plans and executions, we are not investment advisors, this is not a solicitation to buy and sell and is for entertainment only.