Objective Forex: March 2021

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Bitcoin hits new All time high of $61,000

New BTC All Time High

Welcome back traders, we're probably just as excited as you are with Bitcoin, our last alert at $32,000 at the beginning of this year has resulted in an almost 2.0x gain for any of our traders who took advantage of our recommendation. We have recommended BTC from $700 back in 2016 and we will continue to recommend this store of value.

 As with our last post we see BTC continuing to test the all time high and proceed upwards over the next coming months. Expect intense volatility.

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We have updated our Cryptocurrency Picks page with brand new picks that we have heavily researched, we recommend these throughout 2021 and beyond. The Crypto currency market has exploded this year and we see mass adoption coming soon, interesting picks include BAT (Basic Attention Token), ALGO (Algorand) and CRO (Crypto.com Coin) See more on our Cryptocurrency Picks.


Gamestop (GME) continues to defy expectations with absurd volatility and continuing to rise back to $264 with 5 solid gaining days in the market in a row from the low of $40 a share. There is debate whether the short squeeze has happened yet or not. This trade is too risky for us but we enjoy observing from the sidelines for this one.

Blackberry (BB) is still recommended here, rallying on last Friday 3/14/2021 for a +10.79% gain ending at $11.85 a share, slightly up from our recommendation 30 days ago. We still believe this is a valuable play and will continue to monitor this one. 

iRobot Corporation (IRBT) This unbelievable company will continue to generate profits, we alerted at $122 on our Stock Picks page and look to continue to monitor this play for the next 6-12 months.

We will continue to ride these plays in addition to our other plays on the stock picks page

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