Objective Forex: Stock picks

Stock picks

Stock Pick Trading Ideas

Here are some curated picks from our analysts. We are always searching for value, use caution while trading.


Alerted at $7.52 (on 8/11/22)
Time frame: 1 - 5yr+
HUGE gains here, in addition to a boost from AI chip demand.


Alerted at $8.22 (on 4/29/22)
Time frame: 1 - 2yr+

PNNT (Pennant Investment)

Alerted at $7.52 (on 4/29/22)
Time frame: 1 - 5yr+

GOOD (Gladstone Commercial)

Alerted at $21.94 (on 4/29/22)
Time frame: 1 - 3yr+

ACB (Aurora Cannabis)

Alerted at $12.02 (on 2/19/21)
Extreme green value play, massive potential with law changes and human progression.
Time frame: 1 -10yr+

GM (General Motors Company)

Alerted at $37.14 (on 8/1/18)
Medium to long term growth here with dividend yield of 4.09%
Time frame: 3yr - 15yr+

FRSX (Foresight Autonomous Holdings)

Alerted at $1.54 (on 6/24/2020)
Use Caution
Time frame: 1 m - 1yr+

LTRX (Lantronix)

Alerted at $5.04 (on 10/3/2020)
Use Caution
Explosive growth based on news, interesting price action be careful.
Time frame: 1 m  - 3yr+

BB (Blackberry)

Alerted at $11.55 (on 2/3/2021)
Highly Volatile.
Interesting momentum here, after a sharp drop we're