Objective Forex: Stock picks

Stock picks

Stock Pick Trading Ideas

Here are some curated picks from our analysts. We are always searching for value, use caution while trading.

ORCL (Oracle Corporation)

Alerted at $109 (on 6/11/23) 
Time Frame 1-5iyr+
Huge dividend earner, this is one to keep in your pocket.


Alerted at $7.52 (on 8/11/22)
Time frame: 1 - 5yr+
HUGE gains here, in addition to a boost from AI chip demand.
Huge Gains, Retired Pick


Alerted at $8.22 (on 4/29/22)
Time frame: 1 - 2yr+

PNNT (Pennant Investment)

Alerted at $7.52 (on 4/29/22)
Time frame: 1 - 5yr+

GOOD (Gladstone Commercial)

Alerted at $21.94 (on 4/29/22)
Time frame: 1 - 3yr+

ACB (Aurora Cannabis)

Alerted at $12.02 (on 2/19/21)
Extreme green value play, massive potential with law changes and human progression.
Time frame: 1 -10yr+

GM (General Motors Company)

Alerted at $37.14 (on 8/1/18)
Medium to long term growth here with dividend yield of 4.09%
Time frame: 3yr - 15yr+

FRSX (Foresight Autonomous Holdings)

Alerted at $1.54 (on 6/24/2020)
Use Caution
Time frame: 1 m - 1yr+

LTRX (Lantronix)

Alerted at $5.04 (on 10/3/2020)
Use Caution
Explosive growth based on news, interesting price action be careful.
Time frame: 1 m  - 3yr+

BB (Blackberry)

Alerted at $11.55 (on 2/3/2021)
Highly Volatile.
Interesting momentum here, after a sharp drop we're