Objective Forex: 2016

Friday, December 2, 2016

New trading format

Welcome back fellow traders and investors! Sorry for the long wait on a new trading week. We are happy to announce a new trading format starting 2017. 

We will be doing monthly swing trade posts instead of weekly trading advice, this is to better serve you with more valuable and thoughtful information and picks, we will still offer little weekly snippets of info from time to time.

Stay tuned for more info on our 2017 transition.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Trading Week 11/20/16

One of our greatest trading weeks yet last week. We missed DRYS on the run up however we alerted SHIP $2.10 before it ran immediately on Monday up to over $8 a share! We hope many of you were able to take advantage of these insane gains! Remember if you wish to thank us for a particular alert we accept donations on the left side of the site.

Forex Play


Technically strong short alert, huge positioning and signs pointing downwards.

Stock Picks This Week

EYEG (Eyegate Pharmaceuticals) Undiscovered specialty clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focused on treating eye disease, with a recent hyper bullish alert from our systems we see high possibility for a pop. Volume has been impressive in the last trading days pushing the stock up to $2.00 a share before depressing down to $1.50. With a hugely promising pipeline and positive FDA news we see a big move up on monday and through the week in addition to being a smart longer term hold due to balance sheets.

Buy recommendation under $2.00


XMR still pushing upwards since alert, and we will continue this play. 

We're also keeping an eye on XRP as it has returned to normal levels and should be a safe buy here.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trading Week 11/13/16

Sorry about the short break from stock picks and forex plays, the election did indeed bring unexpected volatility especially towards the USDJPY pair. 

We're back in business with some excellent plays this week.

Forex Play

LONG AUDJPY at 80.393

Technically strong buy indication and longer term lift.

Stock Picks This Week

SHIP (Seanergy Maritime Holding) A Greece based shipping company, we're jumping right into this sector as other Greece based shipping companies are seeing huge price appreciation. This should be a powerful bounce-back play as support is solid near $2.00, and with low float we can easily see a quick rally to nearly $7 which happened recently back in August. Keep careful eyes on this company at market open and look to establish a position over the week.

Buy recommendation under $2.10


XMR has undergone further stabilization and yet again looks ripe for a price jump, DGB has been pushed down towards 43 and buying a large amount at this price has to be enticing to investors, we'll keep watching these two over the week.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Trading Week 11/6/2016 Break

Greeting traders, we're taking a break for this week due to planned vacation and risk aversion due to the election.

We will be back next week with more Forex plays, Stock picks, and cryptocurrency plays.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trading Week 10/30/16

USDJPY and GBPJPY climbed through our alert as expected, however traders seem wary to create big positions at these price levels, this points towards a strong move coming soon. Our GENE stock pick continued to drop and we recommend averaging down here at 1.30 with a very tight stop, and recommend no more trades if price further declines past 1.00.

WFD (Westfield Financial) is looking stronger as volume increases at a steady rate, we see this as a solid longer term swing trade option.

Forex Play

LONG USDJPY at 104.4

Technically strong buy indication and further continuation.

Stock Picks This Week

CVRS (Corindus Vascular Robotics) We've identified another high value biotech here, CVRS which was beaten down last week on great trial news, we see this as a large long term institutional holder exiting their position for no significant reason. This would be a perfect time to establish a position depending on sentiment throughout the coming week. 

CVRS appears extremely strong right now with little debt and enough liquid assets to settle all debts and then some. This coupled with strong pipeline news and continued careful management points towards a really strong end of 2016 run and positive movement throughout 2017 for CVRS. 

Buy recommendation under $1.00


Bitcoin breaks out cruising up to $710! Congratulations on all cryptocurrency investors.

We see further action here as high price drives visibility to the industry.

XRP and XMR looking strong as well. We recommend keeping an eye on DGB as price has declined to very attractive levels.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trading Week 10/23/16

last weeks play GENE stayed relatively unchanged, other than a slight spike up to our alert price, due to the action we're continuing the play across the next week. USDJPY had some spikes but stayed pinned below target prices closer to our alert. We will continue this strong dollar play in addition to GBPJPY looking prime for a pop.

Forex Play

LONG GBPJPY at 126.9
LONG USDJPY at 103.9

Technically strong buy indication. Continuation of USDJPY at 103.9.

Stock Picks This Week

WFD (Westfield Financial) Our bullish volume scanner has picked up this excellent play here, we've seen accumulation through the 7.55 levels and a strong surge of volume last week, financials are looking up for this banking related holding company, also offering a solid dividend. Look for profit taking on Monday before establishing a large position, we see a great swing trade opportunity here for a few months while picking up the dividend. 

Buy recommendation under $7.80

GENE (Genetic Technologies) Continuation of last weeks GENE play, still attractive confidence and buys happening at these levels, continuing to establish position over the coming week. Click here to read last weeks post on GENE.

Buy recommendation under $1.70


Bitcoin continues to make impressive moves reaching up at $650, in addition our ARDR and XRP alert offered many profit filled situations. XMR has stabilized quite well and we are looking for bullish action from here out.

Long DGB
Long XRP
Long XMR

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trading Week 10/16/16

Our last weeks pick LPCN suffered heavy manipulation as as long holders dumped large share positions, declining price down nearly 30% from alert. We still believe in the long term price appreciation here and the current price is a large discount still. Our USDJPY play exceeded extremely well, with our alert in the 102.8 levels bringing large profit for long positions. We are continuing the USDJPY play as more and more confidence returns to the pair. 

Bitcoin continues to rise as predicted.

Forex Play

Continued technically strong buy indication.

Stock Picks This Week

GENE (Genetic Technologies) GENE is a life sciences molecular diagnostics company focused on assessing cancer risk, they sell a risk assessment test product called BREVAGenplus. Company spending has increased significantly causing a bearish fade downwards over the last few months although large scale buys and impressive volume have shown up now at this calculated bargain price, nearing the actual price of all assets. This marks the high chance of a recovery in price as people continue to take advantage of the recent sharp drops. We recommend carefully monitoring price action at market open and establishing a position throughout the week depending on future volume. They've launched a marketing program to increase the sales of BREVAGenplus at the beginning of the month in addition to heavy company research spending we are excited to hear more news from the marketing department, institutional ownership lies around 13.29%.

Buy recommendation under $1.75


The rise of bitcoin price has applied pressure to the crypto world however DGB is becoming very volume heavy and having much more interesting price movements, we recommend continuing to watch as this unfolds with coming news.

Long DGB
Long XRP

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trading Week 10/10/16

Large drop in the forex world for the GBP based pairs, GBPJPY suffered slightly however our USDJPY play increased in strength with a move upwards, we see more upside in the USD here.

Bitcoin continues to rise currently at $618. 

Excellent gains from our stock picks last week, RFIL showing great recovery and giving us a strong 6.8% return over the week. CHMA continued as we predicted and popped nearly 18% from our Monday alert before settling down at a 5% gain for the week. CHMA should continue to grow although we are switching gears to other plays this week.

Forex Play

LONG USDJPY at 102.8

Technically strong buy indication. Continuation.

Stock Picks This Week

LPCN (Lipocine) Lipocine is a specialized pharmaceutical company working on oral delivery drugs affecting testosterone and hormones, featuring a strong pipeline of upcoming products which are already in phase I and phase II testing. With 47% institutional ownership and large buys coming in we see huge future growth here, in the short term and long term. Although a strong pop on Friday moved share price up to $5.5 we still see this as a good entry here, we anticipate a slight drop at market open before a huge recovery throughout the day and increasing strength through the week. Price to book lies at a comfortable 2.5x level which is 50% better than comparable industry competition.

Buy recommendation under $5.40


Bitcoin continues upwards, XMR recovered nicely as well.

Incredible movements from a new coin (POT) pot coin, we noticed this coin around the 350 satoshi level and it has had one of the strongest bullish runs we've seen in the crypto marketplace with nearly no dips downwards it has rose up to 1900 satoshi. We recommend being very careful here as manipulation can cause giant swings in price, we will investigate further and try to find a good entry.

XMR Long
DGB Long

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trading Week 10/2/16

Last week CHMA stayed put hovering around alert price so we are continuing this valuable biotech throughout this week as well. We have a bonus Forex play in addition to the GBPJPY continuation, we are getting ready for heavy movements in JPY pairs. 

Strong action in the cryptocurrency world as bitcoin rises in price and XMR recovers.

Forex Play

Continue LONG GBPJPY at 131
LONG USDJPY at 101.2

Technically strong buy indication. We are continuing our GBPJPY play through the week and introducing an additional USDJPY play as well to take advantage of the strengthening dollar.

Stock Picks This Week

RFIL (RF Industries) Introducing a new non-biotech pick this week, RF Industries is an electronics/components manufacturer specializing in fiber optic cabling, we see this is sort of a niche that has strong demand as more fiber optic internet systems are set up, the company already lies at a strong price with respect to assets with very little debt, we see solid support at 1.7 and anticipate growth throughout the week.

Buy recommendation under $1.75

CHMA (Chiasma) Continuation of this play from last week as we see even stronger buys coming in, read our detailed analysis on CHMA here.

Buy recommendation under $3.00


NXT has continued the bearish fade down to 1900, however we see strong support at these levels as big players will squeeze in for the last part of the snapshot program for NXT throughout the end of October. 

Big swings up and down for XMR as well however we ultimately see upside here.

Long NXT
Long XMR
Long DGB
Short STR

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trading Week 9/25/16

Last week THST failed to impress, staying roughly the same exact price through the week. Our USDJPY play also remained stagnant although there was some upwards movement after alert making some profits possible. 

Forex Play

LONG GBPJPY at 131.003

Technically strong buy indication. GBPJPY appears to be bouncing off of critical levels and we see a high probability of bullish movement.

Stock Picks This Week

CHMA (Chiasma) A strong biotech sailing upwards on new found momentum, trading much higher around $10 a share at the beginning of the year before a drastic cost cutting measure of reducing workforce negatively impacted share price through the last months. We see this price beat down as unfair and other investors must think similarly as confidence was high closing up almost 6% on Friday. We see steady growth here as price to book assets alone would put the share price closer to the $4-$5 levels.

Chiasma is focused on developing oral treatments for diseases that are normally not treatable with oral tablets. They have already completely phase III trials for their acromegaly treatment capsule.

Buy recommendation under $2.84


We alerted XMR lasts week at 0.016 and it cruised upwards touching 0.019 before fading back down to 0.0172 currently, we hope many of you were able to take advantage of the quick growth here. 

We will continue to long XMR, in addition to NXT and DGB for the coming week.

Long XMR at 0.017
Long NXT at 2700
Long DGB at 58

Monday, September 19, 2016

Trading Week 9/19/16

Last week we gained 50% through ATEC, one of our best stock picks this year and it was a  steady rise with no dip meaning almost all of you should have made an attractive profit.

Our EURUSD play failed to deliver staying roughly at the same price we alerted at.

Forex Play

LONG USDJPY at 101.7

Technically strong buy indication. USD set for a lift throughout the week.

Stock Picks This Week

THST (Truett-Hurst) A holding company focused on producing and selling wine, although quite undiscovered as a stock we found THST on our trend/volume scanners, with quarter to quarter revenue growth reaching up 60% this year in addition to the strong trend and discounter price to book and price to sales ratio this fits our criteria for good growth. 

Keep your eyes on THST throughout the week.

Buy recommendation under $1.91


DGB seems to be holding new support at 58-60 after our alert at 55, NXT has had a slow bearish fade downwards.

We are switching gears this week looking at XMR.

Long XMR at 0.016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trading Week 9/12/16

Last week market tensions increased as the fed meeting addressed interest rates, investors became increasingly skittish and we had a sharp sell off across the markets which dragged our VSR play down slightly. We are continuing our VSR play and our EURUSD long at 1.12.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. EURUSD reached up past 1.13 during the last week and we will continue this play here based on the solid support and slight upwards trend.

Stock Picks This Week

ATEC (Alphatec Holdings) Another high value strongly trending smallcap, after braving a reverse split in August we see significant upside here. Alphatec is a medical technology company which designs, develops, and markets products used for spine related surgeries. With price to sales ration hovering around 0.20x (compared to 8.58x from related competitors) we see the stock not being fairly valued right now and could see further growth, with continued long term planning (such as the newly secured 5-year credit facility) management should be able to grow this $36.4 million market cap even further with continued deals, R&D, and as short term investments begin to pay off for Alphatec. 

Buy recommendation under $4.20

VSR (Versar) We are continuing the play from last week on this high value stock, click here to read last weeks article on Versar.

Buy recommendation under $1.50


Giant action on GRC, which we recently added to our cryptocurrency plays, we noticed increased volume and accumulation during the days leading up to the over 300% rise on GRC, congratulations to those who invested here and keep your eyes on our crypto page.

We continue to see good buying opportunities with DGB and NXT as price fluctuates.

Long DGB 55
Long NXT 3300 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trading Week 9/4/16

Our momentum play on CLVS (Clovis) last week was quite successful, popping 12% on Wednesday from our alert, we hope many of you captured profits here as CLVS sold off back down ending the week up 1.56% from our alert. 

As the markets stabilize we should have an interesting trading week ahead of us and Tuesday action should signify Investor sentiment over the week.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. EURUSD last week trended upwards eyeing 1.13 from our 1.11 alert. Solid trade that we expect to continue. 

Stock Picks This Week

VSR (Versar) VSR is a national project management company focused on providing services to large scale construction projects even for the USA Department of Defense. We see incredible hidden value here as price to sales (0.09x) and price to book (0.62x) value are not accounted for in share price. Versar recently gained a contract on behalf of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center with a contract ceiling of $400 Million. With a $16 Million marketcap this microcap should see increased momentum in the coming trading sessions. Trading around $3 a share last year should allow for easy movement up with little resistance over the next month on further good news and continued contracts.

Buy recommendation under $1.65


Long NXT at 3400
Long DGB at 60

On August 28th we called the bottom for NXT and it surged in one swift move up to 4500, it has sold off back down to the 3500 levels and we see this as a cheap value price.

DGB suddenly exploded with volume today popping to 62 and fluctuating slightly, this could be the beginning of a large move upwards over the week.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Trading Week 8/28/16

Welcome to another trading week here at objectiveforex.com

Last week was very exciting with strong gains on all fronts.

We alerted URRE at 1.33 last week, and it exploded reaching as high as 2.02 (For a gain of 51%) however it backed down to 1.46 as of Friday. Our other play INVT also exploded hitting 1.63 (Up 10% from our alert). We recommend you keep these tickers on your watch-list as they have both fallen back to attractive buying levels.

This is why we concentrate on value small caps, as these giant gain swings are simply impossible to capture safely for the long term/retirement investor. This also shows why a carefully and intelligently managed swing trade portfolio can be so valuable to younger investors and traders who are more open to mild risk.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. Although forex volume has been down heavily we see investors easing back into EURUSD for the time being as the pair remains stable over the next few weeks.

Stock Picks This Week

CLVS (Clovis Oncology) We've found some hidden value in a slightly larger small cap based on oncology. This biotech boasts a $900 million market cap and absurd institutional ownership (98%), and for good reason as CLVS just received news that the FDA has given priority review to one of their upcoming cancer treatment options. The market reacted very positively to this news and we see momentum carrying over past the $25 levels. This company traded around $100 on worse news just a year ago. As traders rediscover this undervalued company making the right moves to turn around share price we see a continual push upwards in the next few months and likely in the very long-term time-frames. We recommend waiting a while after market open and establishing a strong position if price holds at these interesting levels. Monday should be a good entry for growth throughout the week.

Buy recommendation under $23.00


Long NXT at 3700
Long DGB at 52

Continuing our same plays from last week, we saw an interruption in the bearish slide in NXT as manipulation runs wild. We anticipate bigger and bigger swings and volatility ultimately pushing NXT upwards past 4000 for good as big players scramble to secure a bigger ardor stake at these cheap prices. The snapshot period for ardor ends in late October.

DGB returns back to bargain levels at 52, and we imagine 49 is the hard floor that won't be passed any time soon. 

XMR seems interesting as the dark net has adopted it as a safe currency to use over bitcoin due to more privacy features for transactions. XMR is up heavily since August 26th, over 100% from the news. We remain cautious and will wait for price to stabilize before establishing a position here. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Trading Week 8/21/16

Want $10 for free? If you buy bitcoin through Coinbase they will deposit $10 to your account, an excellent way to take advantage of the rising values of bitcoin and add to your wealth. Click here for your $10.

UQM showed great promise through the week, touching up to 0.65 however a sharp sell off happened just before close on Friday dropping share price down around 8% to 0.55, due to the volume and quick sell off we assume these are large short share block sells combined with a large position scale out. This action is unfortunate however we still see long term potential with UQM, we will keep UQM active on our dedicated stock picks page.
Update: UQM bounced back quickly to 0.58 as of 8/24/16.

TRXC seems to be glued in the $1.40 range, we see upside however with such stagnant price and volume drop off we recommend an extremely tight stop loss or no position at all until further trend is established. 

Our AUDJPY forex play is ultimately slightly down however it did touch the 78 levels. We're switching over to a EURUSD long this week. 

Forex Play

LONG EURUSD at 1.131

Technically strong buy indication. Up-trend has been confirmed with technicals and these price levels should have strong buying support and can break for heavy upside quickly.

Stock Picks This Week

URRE (Uranium Resources) An energy company with high value playing on the strengths of increasing Uranium prices. URRE owns several valuable project locations putting total assets and price to book at around 0.28x making this an extremely attractive long term hold, with the recent price spikes earlier this month catapulting up to $1.8 a share before settling down to $1.43 on the Friday close (ending up 3.5% that day).

Monday and Tuesday will be critical for establishing investor sentiment here on this energy pick.

Buy recommendation under $1.30

INVT (Inventergy Global) This communications company is on a momentum/volume hot streak, having a reasonable earnings earlier in the week investors saw returning confidence in the long term outlook of this company with agreements and more contracts in the works, in addition to increasing revenues from their patent asset portfolio. With the moderate amount of shares sold short currently we will have strong buying pressure on Monday as shorts are closed. 

Buy recommendation under $1.50


Long NXT 4700
Long DGB 58

Our NXT play had a slight sell off as big players begin to scale out of their NXT positions, our data shows there should be one more big rise in price on NXT as late bloomers try to secure a significant stake of Ardor tokens, we recommend a big buy at these cheaper attractive levels and look to reduce your holdings throughout the next month closer to 5000+ NXT price.

DGB was fairly interesting this last week, with huge market swings and volume, the buy orders and sell orders have been shifting heavily and price ranged from 52 (Absolute bottom we called in last weeks post) per DGB up to 82 per DGB before depressurizing down to 58. We see the 58 levels as extremely attractive and with the new rumors/news of DGB in talks with Blizzard and World of Warcraft we anticipate further growth in addition to the long term growth we have always seen in Digibyte.

Don't forget to claim your free $10 from Coinbase, if you want to start trading cryptos simply buy your bitcoins through this link and you get $10 profit instantly. It's not too late to start trading cryptocurrency. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trading Week 8/14/16

With the stock market nearing record highs we are getting geared up for some intense moves coming soon, we anticipate an increase in volatility as trader euphoria increases nearing higher highs. 

Our stock pick last week TRXC drifted slightly down before closing up strongly Friday from 1.32 to 1.45, this increase shows investor confidence over the weekend signifying even more bullish action, we will continue to watch TRXC over this week and it will remain one of our stock picks.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. Although remaining flat last week after touching 78 we see further strengthening here as we get ready for a big move.

Stock Picks This Week

UQM (UQM Technologies) This low debt auto component company has been on our stock picks page for a few weeks now and we want to highlight it even further through our weekly plays.

Trading at about 1.5x book value and having almost no debt makes this one of our star small-caps currently. UQM Technologies focuses on electrical based components for vehicles such as generators, electric motors, and fuel cell compressors which is a rapidly growing commercial and industrial section of the electrical industry right now, the company is positioned well and had their earnings release 10 days ago on August 4th, although earnings were down slightly revenue for the quarter beat last years Q1 and grew by 94%, even with this impressive news share-price hasn't reacted heavily as people speculated on a greater beat, although the steady support in price shows Investors are still interested in the high underlying value of UQM's business.

Buy recommendation under $0.61

TRXC (Transenterix) Showing great promise on last weeks Friday close allows us to continue this pick throughout the week.

Click here to read our article on TRXC from last week.

Buy recommendation under $1.50


NXT continues to impress and inspire as it continues beating our price estimations. We alerted at 4800 last week and it has sharply swung in both directions over the week before ending at 5200, and currently is popping even higher on increased volume and buy side orders increasing to the 240 BTC levels up from 180 BTC buy orders earlier in the week.

DGB has also had some interesting action and volume increase, staying roughly the same exact price for extended periods of time, we expect price to increase in the short term and long term.

Update: DGB buying support grows from 60 BTC to over 300 BTC, huge increase today up 35% so far. (8/15/16) 

Long NXT 5200
Long DGB 52

As always check out more cryptocurrency information and analysis on our dedicated Crypto page. And if you're interested in mining your own cryptocurrencies for free just using your CPU and GPU power check out the minergate program.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trading Week 8/7/16

ETRM from last week slightly disappointed ending down roughly 9% from our alert, we noticed large manipulation and shorting causing heavy selling pressure shaking investors out, we will keep this one on our radar for now.

We also want to highlight how our long term super stocks are on the right path to our projected returns. Since April when we created this collection of value stocks the equally weighted portfolio is up 8.58% and moving towards our goal of +15% per year.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. We are still getting alerts for AUDJPY and the data is looking even better, our previous week play was completely flat however bounced sharply off of 76.4 which shows buyers coming in strongly at this price.

Stock Picks This Week

TRXC (Transenterix) Another medical device company working on complete robot surgery systems, involving cameras, robotic arms, and instruments. TRXC had it's first sale of their patented robot system on August 1st, which should bring in considerable future revenue to this stock. Transenterix has seen a sharp increase on volume spiking up to 1.90 before settling back down to the 1.50 levels, this appears to be a bargain price for many investors as the stock walks up in value slowly. This company intrigued us as they traded around $6.00 a share back in April. From a valuation standpoint price to book is under the current price and institutions are taking advantage with holdings increasing over the year up to 41% held by institutional investors. 

Buy recommendation under $1.50


NXT continues to impress as we alerted 4300 last week, NXT currently hovers around 4800 however we touched 5894 during the week, huge gains to be had which we hope you took advantage of.

We are continuing yet again as the snapshot period for Ardor tokens from NXT is bringing in more and more investors and speculators.

LONG NXT at 4800

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trading Week 8/1/16

Another incredible week of returns, our previous pick RELV (Reliv International) gained a staggering 45% throughout the week after our alert at 0.64 up to 0.93 on Friday. This huge gain offset our slight dip in the USDJPY play. With these large gains in the last few weeks we want to reiterate how important taking profit is. You should generally have an idea of what percentage gain you are happy with before you even make a trade, depending on the asset. 

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. We continue to bet against the yen this time shifting over to the AUDJPY pair, although news has been bearish we see a short time bounce with the solid support at this level.

Stock Picks This Week

ETRM (EnteroMedics) An interesting medical device company which has recently been approved for VBLOC their own weight loss system which has showed great success in trials thus far, seeing huge volume last week popping up to near 0.28 on accumulation, before having a mild drop on friday down to 0.21, this seems to be solid support based on the orderbook around 0.21 as investors look at how valuable ETRM can be in the future with increasing revenues and VBLOC sales. 

Buy recommendation under $0.22


NXT continued upwards from our alert as investors want to take advantage of the Ardor token snapshot period which ends in October. We will continue to accumulate here.


Monday, July 25, 2016

AMD reached our price target ($6.00)

We're excited to mention AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) reaching our $6.00 price target, this was one of our first stock picks on our dedicated stock picks page, we alerted at $2.21 with a price target of $3.00, before re-evaluating and increasing our target to $6.00 due to the value of the company. AMD closed at $6.70 today, this represents a gain of 201% which is tremendous and goes to show how valuable finding small cap growth companies can be.

We are officially retiring this pick now, however we still see additional great gains in the long term outlook for AMD. 

Be sure to check up on our stock picks page to stay up to date on our plays, we will continue to update and add new undervalued opportunities we find.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trading Week 7/25/16

Another successful week completed, as we look back over our trades IFMI impressed, as demand picked up spiking share price almost 20% on friday, before closing up 8%. We will continue watching IFMI over the next weeks as we see such hidden value in this company. We also added it to our dedicated stock picks page. SGRP ended the week flat as we saw trading volume drop off. Our LONG USDCHF remained safe and slowly gained up to 0.99.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. Trend continuation as US dollar continues strengthening against the JPY.

Stock Picks This Week

RELV (Reliv International) A developer, manufacturer, and marketer of nutrition supplements. Reliv offers over 20 different supplements and has a large tightly knit network of suppliers and distributors in the United States and internationally. We've seen an increase of volume in RELV over the past weeks as traders took advantage of the temporary drop in price to under $0.60, these levels are critical and if they remain strong we see significant upside. RELV currently trades at half of book value, and price to sales is at 0.17x, we believe this is unfairly low as the company balance sheet shows great ability to settle debts and continue operation in the future for a long time. Although earnings are down over the last twelve months EPS growth is impressive from the last quarter showing that this company remains strong and is not finished growing. The recent confidence in share price over the last week pushed the stock up to almost 0.85 in one day before returning to 0.65. This price appears to be the floor in the near term as investors discover this valuable company.

Buy recommendation under $0.66


Our LBC/BTC play ended up down at 0.00074 after an extremely volatile week, after alert at 0.0012 it dropped down to 0.00073 before popping over 40% up as high as 0.0016 before selling off again, we recommend waiting on the sidelines for price to stabilize before trying to trade this altcoin.

We are revisiting NXT again, with impressive increase in volume we see many big players wanting to secure a share of the ardor tokens by owning NXT.

Long NXT at 4000

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trading Week 7/18/16

We had an excellent round of profits last week, ISNS didn't push on like we expected but still ended up 8% on Friday and positive for the week, LBIX was volatile but ultimately remained at the same price. PFMT was our star rushing steadily upwards over 15% for the week, this appears to be a very valuable company and we see continued upside here. Our AUDJPY Forex Play was powerful gaining 5% over the week.

For Cryptocurrencies we had one of our best gains ever. We have been eyeing NXT for a long time and finally found an extremely confident buying level, our alert at 3000 was spot on, as NXT popped sharply upwards after alert hitting 5380 as a high before profit taking moved NXT back to current 3500 levels, this was an increase of almost 70% and we hope many of our crypto traders could take advantage of this opportunity. 

We will start including Cryptocurrency plays more often at the bottom of each weekly trading article, check our longer term plays on the cryptocurrency page.

Forex Play

LONG USDCHF at 0.981

Technically strong buy indication. We see strength in the US Dollar throughout this next week and it should help lift the USDCHF pair.

Stock Picks This Week

IFMI (Institutional Financial Markets) We're excited to share this financial services company, they provide a range of capital markets and focus on three main branches of business: Asset management, Principal Investing, and Asset Markets. Specializing in finance and growing value we believe they are positioned well for short term growth and long term growth, they boast a 9.20% dividend and only 4.2% of shares are held by institutions showing IFMI is currently flying under the radar as price to book is extremely low at: 0.29x as well as price to sales: 0.23x. Recently establishing a trend upwards and a solid increase on volume we see investors picking IFMI up for the dividend as well as a swing upwards from these cheap price levels. The company started the year at $1.10 before sliding down to the current price of $0.87 from macroeconomic causes. As more and more traders discover this value play we see immediate growth.

Buy recommendation under $0.92

SGRP (SPAR Group) An interesting stock that appeared on our scanners, we took a closer look and this broad merchandising/marketing company has a wide reach of business relationships spanning from Canada, Japan, and Mexico as well as many others, SGRP posts an impressive profit in comparison to its peers with a P/E ratio of 30, we were intrigued by how stable the share price has been in recent history with a range of only $0.95-$1.15 since the start of 2016. This stability shows extreme confidence and signs of being undervalued as SGRP is behind the S&P500 for the year while making profit. Popping almost 30% with heavy volume on Friday before profit taking brought the price back down to $1.05 still closing up 7% for the day tells us Investors are anticipating growth in the very short term here and with such stability in price we are remaining confident in SGRP for the rest of the year.

Buy recommendation under $1.00


NXT was huge last week and the future looks bright however we are switching over to a more speculative play this week. LBC/BTC is a new altcoin that hit the market, LBRY credits are an interesting new credit/token that is based on a storage/hosting marketplace.

The price has been beaten down heavily as LBC was launched on several exchanges, however with a marketcap approaching billions and many large organizations becoming involved we see a lift as LBRY credits appear oversold right now.

LONG LBC/BTC at 0.00120000

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Trading Week 7/11/16

We had a rather uneventful last trading week with our plays staying flat, we see much more liquidity now with this longer trading week on Monday with investors eager to return. Our cryptocurrency play DGB continues to impress moving upwards. We also want to share a new way to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency, use your cpu/gpu power to mine coins and sell them for profit for free. Click here for Minergate.
  Forex Play

LONG AUDJPY at 75.99

Technically strong buy indication.

Stock Picks This Week

ISNS (Image Sensing Systems) An electronic components company focused on video/radar traffic systems. We found great value in ISNS due to a very discounted price to sales ratio of 0.85x, price to book also hovers slightly below industry average, we feel this recent pop will invite other investors to examine their financials and see growth potential as shares traded at 4.50 one year ago. current price is $2.56 before open.

Buy recommendation under $2.60

LBIX (Leading Brands) A fresh consumer staple company focused on beverages in canada, we see a ripe market here and a risk averse situation with LBIX trading under book value, the growth here could be significant in a quick swing trade. Volume and the action over the last few days indicate others are attempting to take advantage here of growth, there seems to be solid support at 1.50. 

Buy recommendation under $2.00 

PFMT (Performant Financial Corp) A commercial service/tech company which provides recovery analytics to recover assets for both government and private clients, PFMT trades substantially below book value of assets and sales, while also producing a profit daily, with 64% institutional ownership we see a strong bounce-back from the last earnings coming in the short term. 

Buy recommendation under $1.60


While DGB continues to impress we will focus back on NXT, at a critical 3000 level we are likely to see a return up to previous levels past 3500. 

Long Swing NXT at 3000

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Trading Week 7/3/16

A new trading week begins, although it will be shorter. Keep in mind trading does not open until Tuesday. For our last week VVUS impressed gaining 15% since alert, MDVX traded down to $1.3 while XXII remained flat. For our cryptocurrencies DGB had a nice pop up to 70 and had a quick fell off back to our alert near 50. If you took advantage of selling near the peak you stood to gain around 23%, we await further action.

Forex Play

Postponed until a longer trading week.

Stock Picks This Week

EAC (Erickson) Providing aerial/helicopter services, recently receiving a large contract for the Alaskan Coast Guard. We have featured this company before and have to again at such a value growth play, trading at 0.13x book value we see great upside in the future.

Buy recommendation under $0.60

ROKA (Roka Biosciences) Another biotech working on molecular assay technologies for detecting food born pathogens, riding on strong momentum from Sundays close we see additional movement on Tuesday as investors look at a very low price to book value at 0.31x and growing earnings over the year.

Buy recommendation under $0.60


We are still looking at DGB movement over the coming days as people notice last weeks pop and look into Digibytes, buy support is strong at 50.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Trading Week 6/27/16

What an exciting week coming to an end and we can't wait for Monday. Brexit shook up some of our plays, luckily we stayed out of forex due to the risk trading such an event. Our cryptocurrency plays knocked it out of the park with ETH recovering from 0.0015 to 0.0023 and XRP moving upwards strongly after our alert.

Forex Play

Waiting for volatility to revert back to normal from Brexit aftershocks. We will most likely have a new play next week.

Stock Picks This Week

VVUS (VIVUS) A biopharmaceutical company developing and marketing therapeutic products mainly. It has two approved therapies by the FDA including a product that treats ED. Price action has been interesting here with price stable around $1.10 at the beginning of 2016 before $1.80 on big volume for over a month before depressing back down to $1.00 levels, this recent push was based on investors hearing chatter on new FDA filings for generic versions of STENDRA, their own ED treatment medicine.

With Institutions like North Tide Capital heavily investing into VVUS at the price of $1.12 and $1.40 we see huge price growth possible, institutional ownership hovers around 40% however shorts are heavy right now with 27 days to cover, this can end up helping the price growth as shorts try to buy back and cover their positions in addition to investors being attracted at this 1.00-1.15 price level. VVUS is highly leveraged with their finances more-so than usual pharmaceuticals giving them room for faster growth but no room for mistakes. Price to sales puts the company in a nice spot compared to its peers, we see high growth in the future here and we recommend you keep a tight watch on VIVUS' future financing options, cash flows and we should see a real possibility of huge growth and achievements for the company.

Buy under $1.05

MDVX (Medovex) A development-stage company making/marketing patents and tech info in the medical field. Their main system DenerveX treats joint issues and pain. They recently reached a milestone on a live tissue model test with the DenerveX system. Medovex is riding on the momentum from their previous announcements lifting share price up to $2.25 as investors rushed in to buy before backing off over the course of the month as Brexit tensions heightened. Back to a reasonable price of $1.50 we see a good opportunity to buy back in as other investors think the same. Short term cash flows look to be improving here and price to book ratio is very low.

Buy under $1.40

XXII (22nd Century Group) Although a consumer staple this company is mainly a plant biotech, focused on tobacco and plant research. They are working on being able to fine tune and change parameters of tobacco plants like changing nicotine levels to help smoke cessation in addition to manipulating cannabis plants to increase the THC levels in them. This company has silently been increasing revenue each year and is on track to being profitable in the future as finance and R&D debt is managed properly. Share price started the year at $1.20 and has been slowly battled down to a more reasonable $0.79. As XXII is fairly valued and resumes some stability we see an excellent entry point for a swing trade here.
Buy under $0.77


The DGB (Digibyte) order book is shifting around and thickening up again looking ready for a move up from 50, over 30 Bitcoins of support buys around 50 satoshi.

NXT making interesting moves upward with buying pressure from china and after new research we have added NXT to our long term plays here.