Objective Forex: Trading Week 7/18/16

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trading Week 7/18/16

We had an excellent round of profits last week, ISNS didn't push on like we expected but still ended up 8% on Friday and positive for the week, LBIX was volatile but ultimately remained at the same price. PFMT was our star rushing steadily upwards over 15% for the week, this appears to be a very valuable company and we see continued upside here. Our AUDJPY Forex Play was powerful gaining 5% over the week.

For Cryptocurrencies we had one of our best gains ever. We have been eyeing NXT for a long time and finally found an extremely confident buying level, our alert at 3000 was spot on, as NXT popped sharply upwards after alert hitting 5380 as a high before profit taking moved NXT back to current 3500 levels, this was an increase of almost 70% and we hope many of our crypto traders could take advantage of this opportunity. 

We will start including Cryptocurrency plays more often at the bottom of each weekly trading article, check our longer term plays on the cryptocurrency page.

Forex Play

LONG USDCHF at 0.981

Technically strong buy indication. We see strength in the US Dollar throughout this next week and it should help lift the USDCHF pair.

Stock Picks This Week

IFMI (Institutional Financial Markets) We're excited to share this financial services company, they provide a range of capital markets and focus on three main branches of business: Asset management, Principal Investing, and Asset Markets. Specializing in finance and growing value we believe they are positioned well for short term growth and long term growth, they boast a 9.20% dividend and only 4.2% of shares are held by institutions showing IFMI is currently flying under the radar as price to book is extremely low at: 0.29x as well as price to sales: 0.23x. Recently establishing a trend upwards and a solid increase on volume we see investors picking IFMI up for the dividend as well as a swing upwards from these cheap price levels. The company started the year at $1.10 before sliding down to the current price of $0.87 from macroeconomic causes. As more and more traders discover this value play we see immediate growth.

Buy recommendation under $0.92

SGRP (SPAR Group) An interesting stock that appeared on our scanners, we took a closer look and this broad merchandising/marketing company has a wide reach of business relationships spanning from Canada, Japan, and Mexico as well as many others, SGRP posts an impressive profit in comparison to its peers with a P/E ratio of 30, we were intrigued by how stable the share price has been in recent history with a range of only $0.95-$1.15 since the start of 2016. This stability shows extreme confidence and signs of being undervalued as SGRP is behind the S&P500 for the year while making profit. Popping almost 30% with heavy volume on Friday before profit taking brought the price back down to $1.05 still closing up 7% for the day tells us Investors are anticipating growth in the very short term here and with such stability in price we are remaining confident in SGRP for the rest of the year.

Buy recommendation under $1.00


NXT was huge last week and the future looks bright however we are switching over to a more speculative play this week. LBC/BTC is a new altcoin that hit the market, LBRY credits are an interesting new credit/token that is based on a storage/hosting marketplace.

The price has been beaten down heavily as LBC was launched on several exchanges, however with a marketcap approaching billions and many large organizations becoming involved we see a lift as LBRY credits appear oversold right now.

LONG LBC/BTC at 0.00120000

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