Objective Forex: January 2021

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

2021 Trading Update

Welcome Traders to 2021

Welcome back traders, 2021 started off with a bang, I'm glad to see our traders appreciated nearly 300% gains since our $9,000+ price alert, and again at $19,000~. on Bitcoin (BTC). Bitcoin has settled down from a $40,000 price to $32,000 and with no bad news we see a steady rise again to test new highs soon.

On a side note our Objective Forex stockpicks are doing well, feel free to take a look: Stockpicks

FRSX which was alerted at $1.54 back in 6/24/2020 posted a 556% gain since then landing at $10.11 a share on 1/27/21, congratulations to all our readers who captured a part of this explosive action. GM posted a modest gain since our alert, ending at $52.04 today, from our alert at $37.14 back in 2018. APHA was a star and continues to be, reaching $12.97 today, from our $4.95 alert on 11/22/19

This just signals a great start for 2021 investing and we're excited as this year begins rolling. 

"Power to the players"

Gamestop (GME) has continued to explode in recent news due to Wallstreetbets on an absolutely historic rush nearing $200 a share from near $17.00 near the start of 2021. This is nearly a 700%+ gain in just the start of the year and we can not wait to see how this develops. We urge our traders to use caution if you want to participate in this trade however there are rumors of the short squeeze pushing this stock past $1000 a share and while this may seem crazy this stock will continue to defy odds.

Blackberry (BB) is calmly boasting gains, partly from Gamestop meme momentum and partly from being a deep value play. BB has quietly soared 187% since the start of the year possible due to a shift in investor sentiment and repositioning to take advantage of patent and interfacing software while they slide away from the phone industry.

We will continue to ride these plays in addition to our stock picks page and are looking to add more plays through out the seasons.

This should be a interesting year, let's make the most of it.

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