Objective Forex: September 2016

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trading Week 9/25/16

Last week THST failed to impress, staying roughly the same exact price through the week. Our USDJPY play also remained stagnant although there was some upwards movement after alert making some profits possible. 

Forex Play

LONG GBPJPY at 131.003

Technically strong buy indication. GBPJPY appears to be bouncing off of critical levels and we see a high probability of bullish movement.

Stock Picks This Week

CHMA (Chiasma) A strong biotech sailing upwards on new found momentum, trading much higher around $10 a share at the beginning of the year before a drastic cost cutting measure of reducing workforce negatively impacted share price through the last months. We see this price beat down as unfair and other investors must think similarly as confidence was high closing up almost 6% on Friday. We see steady growth here as price to book assets alone would put the share price closer to the $4-$5 levels.

Chiasma is focused on developing oral treatments for diseases that are normally not treatable with oral tablets. They have already completely phase III trials for their acromegaly treatment capsule.

Buy recommendation under $2.84


We alerted XMR lasts week at 0.016 and it cruised upwards touching 0.019 before fading back down to 0.0172 currently, we hope many of you were able to take advantage of the quick growth here. 

We will continue to long XMR, in addition to NXT and DGB for the coming week.

Long XMR at 0.017
Long NXT at 2700
Long DGB at 58

Monday, September 19, 2016

Trading Week 9/19/16

Last week we gained 50% through ATEC, one of our best stock picks this year and it was a  steady rise with no dip meaning almost all of you should have made an attractive profit.

Our EURUSD play failed to deliver staying roughly at the same price we alerted at.

Forex Play

LONG USDJPY at 101.7

Technically strong buy indication. USD set for a lift throughout the week.

Stock Picks This Week

THST (Truett-Hurst) A holding company focused on producing and selling wine, although quite undiscovered as a stock we found THST on our trend/volume scanners, with quarter to quarter revenue growth reaching up 60% this year in addition to the strong trend and discounter price to book and price to sales ratio this fits our criteria for good growth. 

Keep your eyes on THST throughout the week.

Buy recommendation under $1.91


DGB seems to be holding new support at 58-60 after our alert at 55, NXT has had a slow bearish fade downwards.

We are switching gears this week looking at XMR.

Long XMR at 0.016

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trading Week 9/12/16

Last week market tensions increased as the fed meeting addressed interest rates, investors became increasingly skittish and we had a sharp sell off across the markets which dragged our VSR play down slightly. We are continuing our VSR play and our EURUSD long at 1.12.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. EURUSD reached up past 1.13 during the last week and we will continue this play here based on the solid support and slight upwards trend.

Stock Picks This Week

ATEC (Alphatec Holdings) Another high value strongly trending smallcap, after braving a reverse split in August we see significant upside here. Alphatec is a medical technology company which designs, develops, and markets products used for spine related surgeries. With price to sales ration hovering around 0.20x (compared to 8.58x from related competitors) we see the stock not being fairly valued right now and could see further growth, with continued long term planning (such as the newly secured 5-year credit facility) management should be able to grow this $36.4 million market cap even further with continued deals, R&D, and as short term investments begin to pay off for Alphatec. 

Buy recommendation under $4.20

VSR (Versar) We are continuing the play from last week on this high value stock, click here to read last weeks article on Versar.

Buy recommendation under $1.50


Giant action on GRC, which we recently added to our cryptocurrency plays, we noticed increased volume and accumulation during the days leading up to the over 300% rise on GRC, congratulations to those who invested here and keep your eyes on our crypto page.

We continue to see good buying opportunities with DGB and NXT as price fluctuates.

Long DGB 55
Long NXT 3300 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trading Week 9/4/16

Our momentum play on CLVS (Clovis) last week was quite successful, popping 12% on Wednesday from our alert, we hope many of you captured profits here as CLVS sold off back down ending the week up 1.56% from our alert. 

As the markets stabilize we should have an interesting trading week ahead of us and Tuesday action should signify Investor sentiment over the week.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. EURUSD last week trended upwards eyeing 1.13 from our 1.11 alert. Solid trade that we expect to continue. 

Stock Picks This Week

VSR (Versar) VSR is a national project management company focused on providing services to large scale construction projects even for the USA Department of Defense. We see incredible hidden value here as price to sales (0.09x) and price to book (0.62x) value are not accounted for in share price. Versar recently gained a contract on behalf of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center with a contract ceiling of $400 Million. With a $16 Million marketcap this microcap should see increased momentum in the coming trading sessions. Trading around $3 a share last year should allow for easy movement up with little resistance over the next month on further good news and continued contracts.

Buy recommendation under $1.65


Long NXT at 3400
Long DGB at 60

On August 28th we called the bottom for NXT and it surged in one swift move up to 4500, it has sold off back down to the 3500 levels and we see this as a cheap value price.

DGB suddenly exploded with volume today popping to 62 and fluctuating slightly, this could be the beginning of a large move upwards over the week.