Objective Forex: Trading Week 9/19/16

Monday, September 19, 2016

Trading Week 9/19/16

Last week we gained 50% through ATEC, one of our best stock picks this year and it was a  steady rise with no dip meaning almost all of you should have made an attractive profit.

Our EURUSD play failed to deliver staying roughly at the same price we alerted at.

Forex Play

LONG USDJPY at 101.7

Technically strong buy indication. USD set for a lift throughout the week.

Stock Picks This Week

THST (Truett-Hurst) A holding company focused on producing and selling wine, although quite undiscovered as a stock we found THST on our trend/volume scanners, with quarter to quarter revenue growth reaching up 60% this year in addition to the strong trend and discounter price to book and price to sales ratio this fits our criteria for good growth. 

Keep your eyes on THST throughout the week.

Buy recommendation under $1.91


DGB seems to be holding new support at 58-60 after our alert at 55, NXT has had a slow bearish fade downwards.

We are switching gears this week looking at XMR.

Long XMR at 0.016

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