Objective Forex: June 2023

Friday, June 2, 2023

Mid year update for 2023

New Beginnings and Looming Concerns

Welcome back once again traders, I hope you didn't forget about us or think this blog went into disarray. Let's get down to business. BTC gained quite a bit from our last mid year update one year ago. I hope many of you have prospered from this. However I also understand that bitcoin went quite low after that in addition to the drama with all the exchanges that went down and frauds associated, and with this BTC reached as low at 15.4K. However, once again we are optimistic and with the addition of AI in the pipeline we see many opportunities to be had and BTC has continued to move upwards slowly but surely.

We still remain bullish on BTC as the 27K support level as of 6/2/2023 seems to be pretty strong. Please see our other pages for crypto selections. Unfortunately the crypto market has been hit hard but as always when there is blood in the street it's time to buy. We see BTC continuing slowly at a stagnant pace upwards until further developments. 37K predicted for next year.

The Economy

Primarily in the USA things are looking a bit shaky as the government just passed a law increasing the debt ceiling once again and inflation continues to grow at a rapid pace, there could be unforeseen consequences due to this which we are not sure yet how they will affect the crypto markets and the entire financial landscape of the world. We will be closely monitoring everything this following the end of year period and the one thereafter with more frequent updates. As always, we thank you for following with us fellow traders.

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We always recommend Bitcoin at 25k or lesss, this is a no brainer.

ETH looks healthy at 1.7k.


NVDA (NVIDIA) $180.90
NVIDIA has been dragged down from highs over $300 a share based on a variety of factors however despite the company warning of a slight earnings decline we see this as a cautious move and look to add this to our long term portfolio.(Previous update pick)

We have sold NVDA at $400 a share
We still think NVDA is huge in the future but for now we have stepped back.

ORCL we  have entered a new position with a strong company, we see this as a long term play.

Speculative plays

IONQ (IonQ) $6.71
One of the leading manufacturers for quantum computers and quantum computing. We still believe in this pick and feel like this should be one to tuck away for a long time in your personal portfolio, last time we were around $8 a share and this time we have an absolute bargain, we don't see this one getting any lower just based on absolute belief and power in this theoretical concept that is worked on every day.(Previous update pick)

IONQ remains a solid pick and has had a wild ride going up to over $12 a share since we shared it and we still recommend this one as a volatile trading pick.

Online Social Casino Gambling

Social Casino's have exploded in popularity recently and we can definitely see why. Online gambling laws have changed and these companies use work arounds letting you purchase fake money to gamble with while also awarding you free "sweeps coins" to use to gamble which you can withdraw into real money. We've found a few different sites that are excellent and continue to pay out on a consistent basis.

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