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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Stocks, Cryptos, and Updates

Uneasy start for the market this morning however despite volatile trading and unemployment concerns the SPY ended up positive. 

Huge action from INO (Based on phase 1 Covid Vaccine news) left the ticket up 30% today, with 9% after hours. INO is also up over 360% for the month. This is one to keep a cautious eye on.

We also had explosive action on one of our stock picks KTOV, which continued on a high-volume tear upwards (Up 46% today, settling at $1.26) Stay cautious on this one and we will continue to monitor it based on the strong optimistic sentiment here for this ticker.

New Future Super Stocks
In addition we are finally releasing a new "Super Stocks" basket of tickers due to the success of our "Long term super stocks" (Up 58.03% since inception)

Our new basket is more geared towards future high potential technologies. Click here to visit our Future super stocks page. This is another FREE public basket for our readers, and consists of the tickers: AMZN, TSLA, NKLA, GOOGL, NVDA, IRBT, BABA, SHOP, RTX, INTC.

Bitcoin (BTC) has remained relatively flat but strong, and we are continuing our buy recommendation as we close in on $10,000

We have a new play on our cryptocurrencies page, Tezos coin (XTZ) is a promising new currency and platform gaining momentum with a unique staking rewards. (Currently 4.90% yearly) Already Tezos coin has surpassed many legacy cryptos and lies at number 7 most held, with a market cap of $1.9 Billion.

If you're interested in trading stocks and/or cryptos right now, use our trusted broker robinhood, using this link will grant you a free stock as a welcome bonus.

Use our trusted stock tracker Finviz, for all your ticker research and data gathering needs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Bitcoin, looking stronger

Bitcoin(BTC) is looking strong once again, after a steady rise since the low of $5,000 in March this year. 

We are once again reaching the critical $10,000 levels and we expect to see it break free again. Volatility is very low and the price range is narrowing showing increasing buyer confidence. We are issuing a strong buy play due to this.

BTC Buying Price: $9,000

In addition, the world of cryptocurrency is stealthily becoming more mainstream. Fidelity recently shared a study showing as many as 36% of institutional investors(hedge funds, etc) own some crypto assets. Cryptocurrencies are growing in market value and becoming widely known and even considered as viable alternative payment methods even more so than in the past few years. XTZ a new contender is looking good, while BCH, XRP, and ETH begin to pick up momentum.

General Stock Market Update

As fears of covid fade market confidence is returning, and after the slight decline from the beginning of the year the total market has nearly recovered completely, even during the decline our Long Term Superstocks outperformed the market and continued to grow, showing how solid and safe these valued picks are, kudos to those of you still owning some of these securities.

Previous plays
Aphria Inc (APHA) is still looking very strong at $5.06. We are continuing our buy recommendation on this pick.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Aphria: Buying time?

These stocks are always interesting. Aphria (APHA) has been making moves recently, although after a very long and unfortunate downturn this year, high volume and intra-day highs of 9%+ signal interest among buyers here, this is one to take a look at. Also some promising long term value here.

Aphria (APHA) 4.95

Buying price: 4.95

Target Sell: 10+

Caution high volume

Interesting price action on bitcoin, we're at a critical level here at $7,000. There is strong support and we see possible upside after volatile trade, use caution here.

Short term trade


Outlook: Caution

Buying Price: $7,000

Projected Upside Price: $???
Time frame: 2-7 Days 

In addition: 

We are highlighting our Long Term Super Stocks page, now at 59.51%+ growth from inception (4/7/16). Well done those of you who have traded these high growth stocks.