Objective Forex: Trading Week 7/11/16

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Trading Week 7/11/16

We had a rather uneventful last trading week with our plays staying flat, we see much more liquidity now with this longer trading week on Monday with investors eager to return. Our cryptocurrency play DGB continues to impress moving upwards. We also want to share a new way to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency, use your cpu/gpu power to mine coins and sell them for profit for free. Click here for Minergate.
  Forex Play

LONG AUDJPY at 75.99

Technically strong buy indication.

Stock Picks This Week

ISNS (Image Sensing Systems) An electronic components company focused on video/radar traffic systems. We found great value in ISNS due to a very discounted price to sales ratio of 0.85x, price to book also hovers slightly below industry average, we feel this recent pop will invite other investors to examine their financials and see growth potential as shares traded at 4.50 one year ago. current price is $2.56 before open.

Buy recommendation under $2.60

LBIX (Leading Brands) A fresh consumer staple company focused on beverages in canada, we see a ripe market here and a risk averse situation with LBIX trading under book value, the growth here could be significant in a quick swing trade. Volume and the action over the last few days indicate others are attempting to take advantage here of growth, there seems to be solid support at 1.50. 

Buy recommendation under $2.00 

PFMT (Performant Financial Corp) A commercial service/tech company which provides recovery analytics to recover assets for both government and private clients, PFMT trades substantially below book value of assets and sales, while also producing a profit daily, with 64% institutional ownership we see a strong bounce-back from the last earnings coming in the short term. 

Buy recommendation under $1.60


While DGB continues to impress we will focus back on NXT, at a critical 3000 level we are likely to see a return up to previous levels past 3500. 

Long Swing NXT at 3000

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