Objective Forex: Trading Week 8/7/16

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trading Week 8/7/16

ETRM from last week slightly disappointed ending down roughly 9% from our alert, we noticed large manipulation and shorting causing heavy selling pressure shaking investors out, we will keep this one on our radar for now.

We also want to highlight how our long term super stocks are on the right path to our projected returns. Since April when we created this collection of value stocks the equally weighted portfolio is up 8.58% and moving towards our goal of +15% per year.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. We are still getting alerts for AUDJPY and the data is looking even better, our previous week play was completely flat however bounced sharply off of 76.4 which shows buyers coming in strongly at this price.

Stock Picks This Week

TRXC (Transenterix) Another medical device company working on complete robot surgery systems, involving cameras, robotic arms, and instruments. TRXC had it's first sale of their patented robot system on August 1st, which should bring in considerable future revenue to this stock. Transenterix has seen a sharp increase on volume spiking up to 1.90 before settling back down to the 1.50 levels, this appears to be a bargain price for many investors as the stock walks up in value slowly. This company intrigued us as they traded around $6.00 a share back in April. From a valuation standpoint price to book is under the current price and institutions are taking advantage with holdings increasing over the year up to 41% held by institutional investors. 

Buy recommendation under $1.50


NXT continues to impress as we alerted 4300 last week, NXT currently hovers around 4800 however we touched 5894 during the week, huge gains to be had which we hope you took advantage of.

We are continuing yet again as the snapshot period for Ardor tokens from NXT is bringing in more and more investors and speculators.

LONG NXT at 4800

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