Objective Forex: Trading Week 10/16/16

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trading Week 10/16/16

Our last weeks pick LPCN suffered heavy manipulation as as long holders dumped large share positions, declining price down nearly 30% from alert. We still believe in the long term price appreciation here and the current price is a large discount still. Our USDJPY play exceeded extremely well, with our alert in the 102.8 levels bringing large profit for long positions. We are continuing the USDJPY play as more and more confidence returns to the pair. 

Bitcoin continues to rise as predicted.

Forex Play

Continued technically strong buy indication.

Stock Picks This Week

GENE (Genetic Technologies) GENE is a life sciences molecular diagnostics company focused on assessing cancer risk, they sell a risk assessment test product called BREVAGenplus. Company spending has increased significantly causing a bearish fade downwards over the last few months although large scale buys and impressive volume have shown up now at this calculated bargain price, nearing the actual price of all assets. This marks the high chance of a recovery in price as people continue to take advantage of the recent sharp drops. We recommend carefully monitoring price action at market open and establishing a position throughout the week depending on future volume. They've launched a marketing program to increase the sales of BREVAGenplus at the beginning of the month in addition to heavy company research spending we are excited to hear more news from the marketing department, institutional ownership lies around 13.29%.

Buy recommendation under $1.75


The rise of bitcoin price has applied pressure to the crypto world however DGB is becoming very volume heavy and having much more interesting price movements, we recommend continuing to watch as this unfolds with coming news.

Long DGB
Long XRP

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