Objective Forex: Trading Week 3/14/16

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trading Week 3/14/16

We are continuing our forex play through this week although down slightly a steady recovery seems to be in store.

BUY and HOLD NZDCHF at 0.67

In the stock market we have a promising list of 4 undervalued small caps and we believe some of these could have some short term and long term explosions in share value from what our analysis has found.

BBLU (Blue Earth Inc) An interesting energy company which has been unfairly beaten down to $0.12 a share after being closer to $2.00 a share last year, this company although slowly losing money is racking up contract after contract and anything around $0.15 appears to be a steal on valuation.

Buy under $0.15

SPEX (Spherix Inc) A business services company bleeding money, with multiple recovery efforts and reverse splits this company trades around $2.00 with strong support after a slow bleed from the last few years all the way down from $25+ a share. The company plans to diversify revenue streams and this could a good value buy for a turnaround effort.

Buy under $2.00

TEAR (TearLab Corp) a beaten down biotech trading around $0.75-0.90 range. With solid support and accumulation beginning we see $0.75 as a good price.

Buy under $0.75

SSKN (STRATA Skin Sciences) A biotech small cap previously known as MELA Sciences, which has stayed in a tight ~$1.10 range for a while before exploding upwards near $2.00 from news a few days ago before dropping down, this could be signs of accumulation even with the share price returning to familiar levels.  

Buy under $0.99

With the launch of our cryptocurrency page we alerted a ETH (Ethereum) play last week with ETH trading around 0.025, after our alert ETH has steadily trended upwards to a high of 0.035 which represents a gain of almost 40%! This emerging market is already showing great signs of growth.

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