Objective Forex: Trading Week 3/28/16

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Trading Week 3/28/16

Our USDJPY long play persevered and reached 113.4 from 111.1 when we alerted it, a tremendous gain with almost no draw down and most if not all of you should have profited from this play.

We are switching gears over to a short on EURUSD after we detected some weakness and slow deterioration of support.


All of our stock plays last week ended up with impressive gains except for RNVA, which we still believe is a very strong buy at under $0.90 and should see some good action this week. However we have a fresh list of valuable small caps to trade this session.

SYPR (Sypris Solutions) one of our more interesting picks a component manufacturer engaged in developing missiles and missile technologies on the cusp of profitability according to the last earnings release in addition to possibilities of a government contract with their new missile encryption device this company previously traded around $2 a share on even less news, this pick is undervalued at its current price of $0.85 a share.

Buy under $1.00

APRI (Apricus Biosciences) A strictly momentum play, this biotech has been cruising up 13% last trading session and shows no signs of stopping with very confident eyes on share price, market open should be interesting and this play should continue to soar.

Phase 2b Data failure, use caution

Buy under $1.15

ELTK (Eltek) An electronics small cap based in israel, unfairly beaten down in the last few trading days dropping down to $1.12 from a $1.50 pop. We imagine the value of this company is closer to $2-$4.

Buy under $1.00

EVAR (Lombard Medical) A new Health Care based company focusing on grafts, popping over 35% last session due to great news due to trainings being hosted featuring the company's technology. We anticipate a slight leveling off of shares before more gains are made.

Buy under $0.90

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