Objective Forex: Next week plays 2/15/16

Friday, February 12, 2016

Next week plays 2/15/16

For this coming week we have a few nice opportunities.

The USDJPY has been battered down to an extreme and intervention has happened, we can be sure this is a solid buy signal.


For stocks we have analysed a few.

SUNE (Sunedison Inc) has been extremely volatile lately and has attempted debt refinancing on a wide level, it's at $1.45 a share and getting close to its asset value.

Anything below $1.65 should be a strong buy.

NXTD (NXT-ID) gaining contracts after contracts, revenue is skyrocketing and so is the shareprice, popping over 59% last trading session. Currently at $0.70 having popped a few months ago up to $1.30

Anything below 0.60 should be a solid medium term buy.

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