Objective Forex: April 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Trading Week 4/25/16

An excellent streak of good plays continue as we wrap up last week and enter this one. 

Forex Play

Our forex play last week was spot on with the USDJPY rising right after alert from 108.6 up to 111.7, and even with this impressive rally we are going to continue this long. 

Please be alert for a slight drop as profits are taken and be on the lookout for an excellent buying opportunity after a short dip this week. We see continued upside at the 110.0 levels.

LONG USDJPY at 110.0
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Stock Picks This Week

We have another round of potent picks this week.

NXTD (NXT-ID) A software/tech company specializing in biometrics and security logistics involving law enforcement and face recognition. We have featured this play before around the same share price levels and it reached near $0.80 cents a share, right now it is hovering around $0.46 a share with solid support and we are picking up signs of accumulation although institutional ownership is low for this company.

Buy under $0.45

NEOT (Neothetics) A clinical stage pharmaceutical company specializing in fat reduction, currently developing an injection procedure that looks promising in slimming down body size without killing the fat cells involved. This company has been unfairly beaten down from $10.00 a share just 5 months ago down to 0.60 cents before buyers came in full swing sending the price up to $1.04 a share (40.54% last trading session) and we definitely see the momentum continuing, this could prove to be an excellent long term play as well.

Buy under $1.00

TTNP (Titan Pharmaceuticals) A pharmaceutical company developing treatments for opioid dependence as well as Parkinson's disease and with the recent momentum and price action we believe upcoming Phase 3 data for their drug is pretty much confirmed already. As always with pending study results exercise caution investing in this company as study failure is still possible.

Buy under $6.50

AREX (Approach Resources) Oil and Gas company based in Texas, has been on a momentum streak this last week running from $1.60 to $2.50 with very high institutional ownership at 67.72%. We believe this is a powerful momentum play as this company improves revenue with rising oil prices.

Buy under $2.10

Last Week Performance Report

60%~ gains this week, (30%~ last week)
MICT and LLEX stayed pretty much unchanged during the week (Update: LLEX popped over 80% on the 27th, those of you still in this trade have gained considerably), however IPDN rose from our $0.45 buy rating up to $0.52 for a 15% gain (Update: IPDN is now at 0.61 as of 5/2/16 for a total of 38% gain from our alert), CBYL was our winner here going on an intense run up over 40% from our alert at $0.59 reaching $0.82 on friday and we expect more similar action in the upcoming trading sessions. Our forex play USDJPY excelled from 108.6 to 111.1+ for excellent gains there as well. In addition our separate stock pick ideas page had a winner too with AMD rushing upwards to $4 a share due to news. We had a price target for AMD of $3 a share however with new analysis we are not retiring this pick since it reached our target. We are going to extend this pick with a new price target of $6 a share.
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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trading Week 4/18/16

We're gearing up for another great trading week here with another set of plays.

Forex Play

Switching over to USDJPY as the support at 108.6 levels are strong and although it broke the strong trend this seems to be a short lived drop and we expect upside over the week in USDJPY.

LONG USDJPY at 108.6

Stock Picks

LLEX (Lilis Energy) An oil/gas and energy company that has been bouncing off of $0.12 a share these last weeks and with the share structure this stock can move very easily on low volume, although volume has picked up people seem to be eager to pick up shares around the 0.12-0.13 levels as this company re-balances cash-flow and margins. A solid pick up with the recent energy rally.

Buy under $0.13

IPDN (Professional Diversity Network) A networking/hiring company focused on providing equal opportunities, we've featured this play before and we feel the need to highlight them again as they have a very positive and steady increase of revenue and we see a lot of value in this growing company.

Buy under $0.41

CBYL (Carbylan Therapeutics) a small cap bio here gathering immense intention from institutional investors and funds. (88% held). Recently making strategic efforts to decrease spending and debt even more then they have recently and with share price at $0.63 from $3.00 at the beginning of the year they should have a lot of room to grow.

Buy under $0.65

MICT (Micronet Enertec Technologies) A small cap Aerospace and Defense company making smart financial moves has recently seen strong accumulation last week from $1.80 to $2.12 and with high institutional ownership we see upside in the future although it may take a while for share price to reflect this value.

Buy under $2.00

Friday, April 15, 2016

Trading Week Recap

Excellent week all around posting combined profits over ~30% for this week. 

Take a moment to review our plays this week in the following diagram.

(click to enlarge)

We have two honorable mentions on our stock plays page.

RPRX - which we alerted at 0.91 recently received excellent study results and popped over 200% reaching 3.25 from our 0.91 alert. We hope some of you were able to capture this huge swing trade.

TLOG - Got going today as well reaching up to 0.28 from our alert at 0.14.

In addition we have finally consolidated our logo's into a single clean professional one to reduce confusion.

Stay tuned for our plays next week, always posted the day before market opens.
If you're hungry for more profits feel free to check out our long term stocks, shorter term stock plays, and cryptocurrencies.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trading Week 4/11/16

We have some fresh plays for this week as we start gearing up for market open and the "emergency" federal reserve meeting on monday, this could add some additional volatility and we recommend you exercise extreme caution trading during fed meetings. There is a possibility of a rate hike.

Forex Play

For forex we are moving to a GBPJPY long as it is heavily undersold and has triple bounced off of support at 152.250.

LONG GBPJPY at 152.250

Stock Picks

STXS (Stereotaxis) A clinical health care company with 27% institution ownership, this company entered our radar after unusual volume and very positive PR releases this month.

Buy under $1.50

SGYP (Synergy Pharmaceuticals) popped 10% last trading session, with 41% institutional ownership and unusual accumulation this stock has the strongest technicals and price action out of this weeks picks and should carry over some bullish momentum into this week, we are also anticipating news as the latest rally is unusual and they have declined to comment on it.

Buy under $3.00

LIFE (aTyr Pharma) Pharmaceutical company down from $4.00 a share to $3.20 in the last five trading days, a large insider buy was just made and there seems to be heavy support at $3.00, shares were trading at $25 just one year ago while institutional ownership is at a high right now with 92%.

Buy under $2.90

VKTX (Viking Therapeutics) A volatile biotech trending downwards recently popped from $1.50 to $2.50 after a positive analyst article before being crushed the next day down 37.31% to $1.21 a share, we believe this is a bit oversold and we recommend playing the pop that should come. We advise a very short term position.

Play the pop under $1.21

Friday, April 8, 2016

Updated Wealth Generation/Passive Income Page

We have recently added/updated a new page on Wealth Generation/Passive Income

This page focuses on more passive/free ways of generating small amounts of profit, as well as more speculative forms of growth.

We will as always be releasing our next week plays some time on Sunday, 4/10/16.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Long term super stocks page added

We've just added a new page catering to more safe long term investment as some people may not want to immerse themselves into managing active trades or the risk of holding volatile small companies.

These stocks are long term value plays that should benefit you the longer you hold them. So far we have 10 tickers added, including SPY which we believe should be added as a portion of a retirement account so you can capture more general market gains of 11% on average. 

In addition to these safe investments we have a new way to generate passive income for yourself completely free. As most of you are aware of from our recent Digibytes article you can earn free DGB coins just for playing online games, right now limited to League of Legends and CS:GO as they are adding more in the future.

If you do play these and would like to earn free DGB click here to link your account.

We have also created a changetip account, feel free to try it out by clicking here.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Trading Week 4/4/16

Another exciting week approaches for Objective Forex, we have revamped and improved our existing site logos as well as added a official home page.

For last week our EURUSD play was disrupted by news from the federal reserve causing a sharp rise in EURUSD, we recommend reevaluating a short here on EURUSD with a tight stop-loss. For our main forex play this week we will be switching over to a USDJPY Long again, these support levels have been extremely solid around 111 and a lot of buyers want to secure a position around these zones.

LONG USDJPY at 111.7

Our diamond in the rough last week was SYPR, alerted at $0.85 it cruised steadily up to $1.00 throughout the week, our weakest play ended up being APRI which opened 50% lower on market open due to massive data failure from FDA. This week we have some more powerful momentum/value plays.

Stock Picks

UNXL (Unipixel Inc) A computer/electronics development company, on a run since last session popping over 20% on friday. This company has been struggling with past SEC drama on overhyping production numbers back in 2013, when it was trading around $20 a share, now at $1.10 this recent strength definitely mirrors their better business practices as of now.

Buy under $1.00

RTK (Rentech) A small cap chemical company up over 40% since a few weeks ago (from $2.00 to ~$3.10) this is a beautiful technical setup with a strong visible signs of accumulation. 

Buy under $2.80

CDRB (Code Rebel) A software development/tech company with a strong steady trend last month from $3.00 up to a unusual spike to $7.00, this company may be poised for a merger or partnership of some sort.

Buy under $4.10

QRHC (Quest Resource Holding Corp) An industrial waste company which specializes in efficient and green disposal solutions, one of our more risky plays however at $0.46 a share with a strong friday close and almost touching the 52-week low this could be a great swing opportunity.

Buy under $0.40

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Looking for Cryptocurrency Trading Software?

So are we, and we found a good one.

www.coinigy.com is a relatively new website/software platform with an absurd wealth of information and from our short test run this is a must have if you are trading cryptocurrencies often.

It comes with all sorts of charting filters and specific information on each and every crypto out there and above all, it's FAST.