Objective Forex: Trading Week 4/18/16

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trading Week 4/18/16

We're gearing up for another great trading week here with another set of plays.

Forex Play

Switching over to USDJPY as the support at 108.6 levels are strong and although it broke the strong trend this seems to be a short lived drop and we expect upside over the week in USDJPY.

LONG USDJPY at 108.6

Stock Picks

LLEX (Lilis Energy) An oil/gas and energy company that has been bouncing off of $0.12 a share these last weeks and with the share structure this stock can move very easily on low volume, although volume has picked up people seem to be eager to pick up shares around the 0.12-0.13 levels as this company re-balances cash-flow and margins. A solid pick up with the recent energy rally.

Buy under $0.13

IPDN (Professional Diversity Network) A networking/hiring company focused on providing equal opportunities, we've featured this play before and we feel the need to highlight them again as they have a very positive and steady increase of revenue and we see a lot of value in this growing company.

Buy under $0.41

CBYL (Carbylan Therapeutics) a small cap bio here gathering immense intention from institutional investors and funds. (88% held). Recently making strategic efforts to decrease spending and debt even more then they have recently and with share price at $0.63 from $3.00 at the beginning of the year they should have a lot of room to grow.

Buy under $0.65

MICT (Micronet Enertec Technologies) A small cap Aerospace and Defense company making smart financial moves has recently seen strong accumulation last week from $1.80 to $2.12 and with high institutional ownership we see upside in the future although it may take a while for share price to reflect this value.

Buy under $2.00

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