Objective Forex: Trading Week Recap

Friday, April 15, 2016

Trading Week Recap

Excellent week all around posting combined profits over ~30% for this week. 

Take a moment to review our plays this week in the following diagram.

(click to enlarge)

We have two honorable mentions on our stock plays page.

RPRX - which we alerted at 0.91 recently received excellent study results and popped over 200% reaching 3.25 from our 0.91 alert. We hope some of you were able to capture this huge swing trade.

TLOG - Got going today as well reaching up to 0.28 from our alert at 0.14.

In addition we have finally consolidated our logo's into a single clean professional one to reduce confusion.

Stay tuned for our plays next week, always posted the day before market opens.
If you're hungry for more profits feel free to check out our long term stocks, shorter term stock plays, and cryptocurrencies.

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