Objective Forex: End of week overview

Friday, June 5, 2015

End of week overview

CHFJPY and AUDNZD soar in the right direction after a choppy session.

Incredible action these last two days on our picks. Particularly the CHFJPY and AUDNZD.

Both picks are well above the price we alerted them at in the correct direction however, the profits would have been difficult to capture unless you set a wide stop. There was some heavy manipulation and big whipsaw swings in either direction which could have stopped you out of the trade. 

Still, this is usually a sign of even greater moves to come as some market makers will try to "shake" certain investors/speculators out to make movement easier. 

We will continue these picks into monday as we see much more future movement, be aware as market open on monday is usually very volatile.

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