Objective Forex: Monday Overview and Plays

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Overview and Plays

It's been a while but we had to savor our AUDNZD pick, which after careful patience finally popped for easy no risk profit. We are closing up some positions and leaving some in for more gains on this one. Feel free to leave/open some positions with tight stops for further growth here.

Take a look at the graph here and compare to our last post alerting it. 

We are however opening up another pick, this one slightly experimental as we received intense alerts from our trend algorithms.


Honerable mentions again to SLTD our stock pick, which bursted 16% today recovering from the beat down last week since our alert on it. We are still extremely confident and it's easy to see how it has been manipulated down so institutions that specialize in the russell 2000 index can load up with giant share groups for a bargain. This is still a powerful buy and hold for us, take a look at the respectable two day graph here.

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