Objective Forex: Update and week plays

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Update and week plays

We're back in full swing here at objectiveforex after a longer than normal break. 

Our USDJPY long play has finally began reversing and climbing back up building steam and we foresee this trend continuing in addition to EURUSD turning more and more bearish. 

Officially we are continuing the still standing
Long USDJPY at 117

For stock plays we have some potential targets for the next week.
(Honorable mentions for the huge reversal run up on CRDC which we alerted 2 weeks ago)

NXTD - had a huge pop up to 1.20 before being slammed down to 0.79. We believe anything under this is a good buy here.

AEZS - A popular momentum/volatility stock which seems to have considerable upside in the future.

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