Objective Forex: Trading Week 2/22/16

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trading Week 2/22/16

As always another exciting week approaches again.

For forex we are looking at a speculative medium term EURUSD short to stay with the longer timeframe trends while buying pressure loosens up.


For stocks we have two interesting plays that should be somewhat safer than our usual undervalued targets as we selected some picks from our analysis that had unusual accumulation during the last few weeks and as we know stocks being accumulated heavily over a range of days is a very strong signal of possible insider knowledge and/or confidence.

KLDX (Klondex Mines) showing strong swinging gains for the 5th day in a row we believe anything around $2.70 to be a fair value.

Buy under $2.70

AKER (Akers Biosciences) showing an anomaly on 2/17 popping up to near $2.00 share price being hushing quickly back down to the $1.30-$1.80 range.

Buy under $1.40

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