Objective Forex: Trading Week 3/21/16

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trading Week 3/21/16

Another week arrives in these exciting times. 

Our previous NZDCHF play dropped shortly after alert before a steady pulse upwards and although profits were hard to capture some of you should have been able to gather a few pips.

For this week we are looking at a USDJPY LONG play as it looks to be coiling up for a big move here soon at the 111.415 levels.

LONG USDJPY at 111.140

Our stock plays last week ended up quite volatile throughout the week trading in a range before ending quite flat. We recommend you keep these plays on your watchlist (BBLU, SPEX, TEAR, and SSKN) as we still see them as great buys at our rated prices.

For this week we have another collection of undervalued plays.

RNVA (Rennova Health) losing less and less money each quarter while running multiple trials and tests, this relatively new biotech currently at 64% institutional investor ownership anything around $0.90 should be a good bargain.

Buy under $0.90

ONTY (Oncothyreon) Another biotech which has seen heavy accumulation from $1.00 up to 1.30, valued among institutional investors this should be a solid play at $1.00

Buy under $1.00

FES (Forbes Energy Services) An undervalued small cap which has seen a swift, strong move up from $0.30 to $0.50.

Buy under $0.40 

APPY (Venaxis) A risky small cap biotech with volatile action the past week moving from $0.20 to $0.30 over a few days with heavy momentum and volume, we believe this trend should continue.

Buy under $0.25

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