Objective Forex: Trading Week 6/12/16

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Trading Week 6/12/16

Great gains last week although some eventually tapered off from market struggles, CARV remained strong. We have updated our Wealth Generation page, check it out.

Forex Play

Our USDJPY was volitile but ended up at 106.9 and we alerted at 106.5. We will begin a long with GBPUSD because traders anticipate a move down here due to brexit tensions however it is not likely and any sort of positive news will provide a good lift for the pair.

LONG GBPUSD at 1.425
UPDATE: This forex play is canceled if 1.3900 is reached. 
UPDATE: (6/16/16) GBPUSD looking strong as traders are cautious against betting heavily towards a brexit, looking for a slight lift as we finish out this play through Friday.

Stock Picks This Week

EAC (Erickson Inc) An Aerospace and Defense company providing aerial logistical support. Popping over 100% a few days ago due to news on a US Military contract valued at 70 Million, while the market cap is currently at 11 Million, the stock was unfairly beaten down to a 0.84 close on Friday from a high of 1.75, a bounce play here looks good as investors look at the long term outlook of this contract and new financing opportunities.
Buy under 0.90

CBIO (Catalyst Biosciences) a clinical-stage bio-pharm working in the field on hemostasis. A New marketing contract contract was established an the long term outlook is great here with a P/E ratio of 0.38 and institutional ownership at 52.72%. Closing at 1.81 on Friday from market tensions and tired traders this looks like a great buy with accumulation buys later that day pushing the price up to 3.00.
Buy under 1.80

ACUR (Acura Pharmaceuticals) Another sympathy pharmaceutical play, Acura spiked up to 3.25 last week and was unfairly crushed as they released great news about their candidate treatments.Acura has placed heavy cash flow into financing and generating funds for new business ventures and new product improvements with Institutional investors at 57.60%. Closing at 2.12 down from a brisk 5.00 last year in July this could be a good recovery play.
Buy under 2.00


We are closing our STR short play, we enjoyed a nice decline from 350 to 246.

Check out our other longer term plays here.

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