Objective Forex: Trading Week 9/25/16

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trading Week 9/25/16

Last week THST failed to impress, staying roughly the same exact price through the week. Our USDJPY play also remained stagnant although there was some upwards movement after alert making some profits possible. 

Forex Play

LONG GBPJPY at 131.003

Technically strong buy indication. GBPJPY appears to be bouncing off of critical levels and we see a high probability of bullish movement.

Stock Picks This Week

CHMA (Chiasma) A strong biotech sailing upwards on new found momentum, trading much higher around $10 a share at the beginning of the year before a drastic cost cutting measure of reducing workforce negatively impacted share price through the last months. We see this price beat down as unfair and other investors must think similarly as confidence was high closing up almost 6% on Friday. We see steady growth here as price to book assets alone would put the share price closer to the $4-$5 levels.

Chiasma is focused on developing oral treatments for diseases that are normally not treatable with oral tablets. They have already completely phase III trials for their acromegaly treatment capsule.

Buy recommendation under $2.84


We alerted XMR lasts week at 0.016 and it cruised upwards touching 0.019 before fading back down to 0.0172 currently, we hope many of you were able to take advantage of the quick growth here. 

We will continue to long XMR, in addition to NXT and DGB for the coming week.

Long XMR at 0.017
Long NXT at 2700
Long DGB at 58

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