Objective Forex: Trading Week 10/23/16

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Trading Week 10/23/16

last weeks play GENE stayed relatively unchanged, other than a slight spike up to our alert price, due to the action we're continuing the play across the next week. USDJPY had some spikes but stayed pinned below target prices closer to our alert. We will continue this strong dollar play in addition to GBPJPY looking prime for a pop.

Forex Play

LONG GBPJPY at 126.9
LONG USDJPY at 103.9

Technically strong buy indication. Continuation of USDJPY at 103.9.

Stock Picks This Week

WFD (Westfield Financial) Our bullish volume scanner has picked up this excellent play here, we've seen accumulation through the 7.55 levels and a strong surge of volume last week, financials are looking up for this banking related holding company, also offering a solid dividend. Look for profit taking on Monday before establishing a large position, we see a great swing trade opportunity here for a few months while picking up the dividend. 

Buy recommendation under $7.80

GENE (Genetic Technologies) Continuation of last weeks GENE play, still attractive confidence and buys happening at these levels, continuing to establish position over the coming week. Click here to read last weeks post on GENE.

Buy recommendation under $1.70


Bitcoin continues to make impressive moves reaching up at $650, in addition our ARDR and XRP alert offered many profit filled situations. XMR has stabilized quite well and we are looking for bullish action from here out.

Long DGB
Long XRP
Long XMR

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