Objective Forex: AMD reached our price target ($6.00)

Monday, July 25, 2016

AMD reached our price target ($6.00)

We're excited to mention AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) reaching our $6.00 price target, this was one of our first stock picks on our dedicated stock picks page, we alerted at $2.21 with a price target of $3.00, before re-evaluating and increasing our target to $6.00 due to the value of the company. AMD closed at $6.70 today, this represents a gain of 201% which is tremendous and goes to show how valuable finding small cap growth companies can be.

We are officially retiring this pick now, however we still see additional great gains in the long term outlook for AMD. 

Be sure to check up on our stock picks page to stay up to date on our plays, we will continue to update and add new undervalued opportunities we find.

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