Objective Forex: Trading Week 7/25/16

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trading Week 7/25/16

Another successful week completed, as we look back over our trades IFMI impressed, as demand picked up spiking share price almost 20% on friday, before closing up 8%. We will continue watching IFMI over the next weeks as we see such hidden value in this company. We also added it to our dedicated stock picks page. SGRP ended the week flat as we saw trading volume drop off. Our LONG USDCHF remained safe and slowly gained up to 0.99.

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. Trend continuation as US dollar continues strengthening against the JPY.

Stock Picks This Week

RELV (Reliv International) A developer, manufacturer, and marketer of nutrition supplements. Reliv offers over 20 different supplements and has a large tightly knit network of suppliers and distributors in the United States and internationally. We've seen an increase of volume in RELV over the past weeks as traders took advantage of the temporary drop in price to under $0.60, these levels are critical and if they remain strong we see significant upside. RELV currently trades at half of book value, and price to sales is at 0.17x, we believe this is unfairly low as the company balance sheet shows great ability to settle debts and continue operation in the future for a long time. Although earnings are down over the last twelve months EPS growth is impressive from the last quarter showing that this company remains strong and is not finished growing. The recent confidence in share price over the last week pushed the stock up to almost 0.85 in one day before returning to 0.65. This price appears to be the floor in the near term as investors discover this valuable company.

Buy recommendation under $0.66


Our LBC/BTC play ended up down at 0.00074 after an extremely volatile week, after alert at 0.0012 it dropped down to 0.00073 before popping over 40% up as high as 0.0016 before selling off again, we recommend waiting on the sidelines for price to stabilize before trying to trade this altcoin.

We are revisiting NXT again, with impressive increase in volume we see many big players wanting to secure a share of the ardor tokens by owning NXT.

Long NXT at 4000

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