Objective Forex: Trading Week 8/1/16

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trading Week 8/1/16

Another incredible week of returns, our previous pick RELV (Reliv International) gained a staggering 45% throughout the week after our alert at 0.64 up to 0.93 on Friday. This huge gain offset our slight dip in the USDJPY play. With these large gains in the last few weeks we want to reiterate how important taking profit is. You should generally have an idea of what percentage gain you are happy with before you even make a trade, depending on the asset. 

Forex Play


Technically strong buy indication. We continue to bet against the yen this time shifting over to the AUDJPY pair, although news has been bearish we see a short time bounce with the solid support at this level.

Stock Picks This Week

ETRM (EnteroMedics) An interesting medical device company which has recently been approved for VBLOC their own weight loss system which has showed great success in trials thus far, seeing huge volume last week popping up to near 0.28 on accumulation, before having a mild drop on friday down to 0.21, this seems to be solid support based on the orderbook around 0.21 as investors look at how valuable ETRM can be in the future with increasing revenues and VBLOC sales. 

Buy recommendation under $0.22


NXT continued upwards from our alert as investors want to take advantage of the Ardor token snapshot period which ends in October. We will continue to accumulate here.


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