Objective Forex: Special Saturday Stock Pick SLTD

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Special Saturday Stock Pick SLTD

We have a new stock pick to add to our stock ideas page

And this one you may have heard of, SLTD (Solar3D). It was a penny stock that saw great growth before their management decided on a reverse split to uplist onto NASDAQ and they have real revenue and exciting solar related products that have great potential and we have been monitoring it for a quite some time.

We are alerting at its current price of $3.71 and see huge upside for this as one of our most solid picks yet.

This will be a long term play but with a target of $8.00 a share. This could mean huge growth for you at over 100% gains.

Take a look at our stock ideas page if you're curious about our other picks.


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