Objective Forex: Big Monday Week Update

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Big Monday Week Update

We have some exciting news to share concerning our weekly forex/stock picks.

As you all know we normally release several different picks during the week which has worked quite well. However with our algorithm and alert indicators we feel we can offer even better accuracy than before by just releasing one strong weekly pick for objectiveforex.com

From here on out we will release one forex play and one or more stock plays for the entire week to be more consistent and predictable and easier to absorb for our traders and readers. 

For monday we are looking at a potential bounce play on USDJPY as these levels are looking solid with great spikes upwards. (see graph)

For our monday stock plays we have two nice contenders.

APDN (Applied DNA Sciences, Inc)

Suffering an extreme and over reacted drop from $7 a share down to $3 in an intense short attack. It has already began recovering and looks to be moving upwards quickly. 

GSB (GlobalSCAPE Inc) 

Popping over 10% up on friday this small information technology company looks strong as it blasts past previous support and looks towards new highs.

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