Objective Forex: After holiday plays

Sunday, December 27, 2015

After holiday plays

As we approach a new year and end this exciting one we have some plays for the market on monday.

Expect higher levels of volatility as institutions, banks and retail traders close out large positions for end of the year portfolio consolidation.

For currencies we have found some strong support on the GBPJPY pair and we are looking to go long here at the 179 levels.


For stock picks we have a few plays that are looking poised for a bounce or week run upwards.

PLX (Protalix Biotherapeutics) has seen a nice move up to $1.0 from $ .80 and just recently has had extremely strong buying at exactly $1.0. This play seems safe and may never see a price under $1.0 a share for a long time as the approved Phase III FDA trial starts up.

ALXA (Alexza Pharmaceuticals) has been slightly beaten down these past weeks but we are discovering support around the .78 cent levels. with 20% institutional ownership retail traders are beginning to become enticed as Phase 2a trials are underway.

ONTX (Onconova Therapeutics) another bio in Phase 2a trials, this stock is trading around cash on hand levels and is heating up as more and more positive results are found from trials.

On an unrelated note, this is our 100th post and us here at Objective Forex want to thank all of our readers as we prepare for another exciting growth filled year.

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