Objective Forex: Trading Week 6/6/16

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trading Week 6/6/16

Up 20% last week altogether with NVET making most of the gains putting us on track for our best winning streak of all time. 

We have also finally added stock charts for our plays that way you don't have to leave the site to monitor live price.

Forex Play

We're looking at a bounce-back/recovery play on USDJPY, crushed by weak NFP we see a strong lift here shortly as banks ease into USD longs, remember a tight stop and look for a good entry.

LONG USDJPY at 106.5

Stock Picks This Week

CARV (Carver Bancorp) A strong traded federal savings bank,  with a PE ratio around 40 this company is making steady cash flow, our volume indicators show more and more buys at the $3.40 levels, with low volume this stock has been swinging from $3 to over $5 very quickly, and we see true value closer to $6. This should be a solid swing trade.

Buy under $3.40
TNXP (Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding) A growth based biotech focused on building a collection of effective PTSD drugs. 45% institutional ownership and strong support at $2.25 levels along with a strong one month trend upwards, our volume alerts make this a solid play as we look for a coming pop over $3 
Buy under $2.50
BLDP (Ballard Power Systems) A small cap heavy duty power products company, signing orders with the US Military last week however share price has not caught up to the news yet, this should be a great momentum play and we see only upside from here, recommend a tight stop to take advantage of strong support at $1.36 as we ride out an easy lift in the coming month for this stock.
Buy under $1.40
RNN (Rexahn Pharmaceuticals) A clinical stage biotech focused on treatment options for cancers. This is one of our more risky plays however we have detected unusual volume and accumulation since 5/17/16 producing a strange but solid trend-line upwards from 0.27.

Buy under $0.31


Our STR short play is continuing and we will have more info next week, check out our other crypto plays here.

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