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Thursday, December 30, 2021

End of Year Update

Welcome back traders, and first of all thank you all for being with us. We hope you've had a great year because we certainly have. After our last post Bitcoin had some interesting action, dropping back down to $32,000 before slowly lumbering back up to a brand new all time high of $68,990! We imagine many of you were able to capture some gains here or like us have just continued holding.

We still recommend Bitcoin as a solid hold and see new all time highs in the future for 2022. BTC is looking strong right now at $47,000 with extremely heavy support at the $45,000 levels, this is looking like a great entry price as the new year begins. 

We have updated our Cryptocurrency Picks page once again with a few new picks.

We just want to highlight a few of our picks since our last post that have worked out well for all of us.

We alerted CRO at $0.19 on 3/12/21 and CRO currently sits at $0.557, after briefly touching $0.92 which is a 382.4% increase. We continue to support CRO and believe this is an exchange and exchange coin that is here to last with their excellent marketing, possibly rivaling Binance.

If you're interested in using the next best crypto trading exchange check the bottom of this post for the Crypto.com invite.

CAKE is at $12.05 after our alert at $10.95 on 3/22/21, but this is only after a legendary run up to $42.59, congrats to anyone that captured these gains in addition to staking rewards.

NANO, also known as XNO now after a ticker change had a nice run after our alert reaching nearly $12 per XNO.

ALGO is another staple in our portfolio, we alerted ALGO at $1.08 on 3/12/21 and it sits comfortably at $1.62 right now after a temporary run up to $2.37. This is one to keep in your portfolio.

XTZ is another solid choice, with Coinbase support and a great ecosystem for their token, we alerted XTZ at $2.73 on 6/12/20 and since then it has reached $8.31 and stays stable at $4.41 currently.

BAT is a great mention, with an actual product and avenues of revenue BAT has had incredible trading action bouncing around. We alerted BAT at $0.78 on 3/12/21 and since then BAT has achieved an all time high of $1.76 and currently sits at $1.20.

Honorable mentions to ETH, BSV and ETC. We still see value in these plays, especially ETH and will continue to try and extract growth here. 

We are formally announcing our alliance with Donkcoin.org. DONK is now one of our longtime partners and after speaking with the dev team we are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with them on the BSC network. With locked liquidity and a stacked list of improvements and goals this token seems to be a crowd favorite with a 1.1% RFI for all users promoting an easily exchangeable token.


We're taking a pause on stock recommendations before the new year. We're sad to say our most confident pick of IRBT did not work out as expected, although we still see it as a great pick. 

We will have a few newly discovered stock picks for everyone on our 2022 new year preparation post coming very soon.

Thank you again for staying with us, and we will continue to give you objective input on the stock/forex and crypto world.

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