Objective Forex: Trading Week 5/23/16

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Trading Week 5/23/16

Quiet action last week other than OGXI reaching up almost 20% on monday. Our GBPUSD play steadily rose as we predicted and has more to come.

Forex Play

For a new play we have been analyzing GBPJPY and a carefully placed long at these levels look great. In addition we recommend continuing the GBPUSD long play as we see longer term price appreciation here.

LONG GBPJPY at 159.8
minor LONG GBPUSD at 1.45

Stock Picks This Week

CRBP (Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings) A clinical stage biotech focused on treating inflammatory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, having completed their phase I trials with a promising safety profile and starting Phase IIa we see long term success and short term success here, insiders have been buying up shares around the $2.40 range and with a strong trend up from $2.20 as shares are accumulated we see a lot of upside in store.

Buy under $2.70

ULBI (Ultralife Corp) Industrial Electrics small cap, focused on power solutions, batteries and communication systems. With 65% of shares held by institutions and a P/E ratio of 23 this company looks solid and generated profit, trading around $6 in January before being slowly sold down to its current price $3.81 which is closer to the average share price back in 2014. This company is silently acquiring other businesses with diligence, we see a relatively unknown company on the right track.

Buy under $3.50

MBII (Marrone Bio Innovations) An interesting chemicals company, working on producing safe bio-based crop protecting products, although they are facing NASDAQ de-listing for deficient share price, they have strong support around $0.60 and with their share structure can easily bounce back quickly on volume. With 40% institutional ownership certain investors still believe in this company.

Buy under $0.65


 The cryptocurrency DGB has been moving upwards since our May 8th trading post as more and more people accumulate these valuable coins.

We are releasing our first ever SHORT play on a cryptocurrency. Lumens (STR on the stellar network)

You can short these coins on poloniex, on July 5th Lumens holders will be granted free lumens based on if they have had bitcoins before, which means a large amount of lumens will potentially be sold on the open market, with a short position you can take advantage of this.

 For more crypto plays click here.

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