Objective Forex: Trading Week 5/9/16

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trading Week 5/9/16

Altogether our stock plays last week ended up flat at the close. There were great movements up and down and we hope some of our sharper traders capitalized on this. Our only bad loser was NRX, which before opening bell declared bankruptcy and we immediately issued a caution warning on this play. 

Since we always release our alerts on Sunday most of you were able to avoid NRX here. RXDX popped over 7% after alert however on Friday was battered down 11%, we are still confident in this company. ALQA and BPMX remained pretty much unchanged over the week.

Forex Play

Our GBPUSD play spiked shortly after alert up to 1.48 before dropping down to 1.44 throughout the week, we're going to continue this play because of the strong technicals on the chart as well as strong short term fundamentals here.


Stock Picks This Week

IMUC (ImmunoCellular Therapeutics) A clinical-stage biotech that caught our eye last week. Receiving approval on Friday for their drug which treats a new disease Glioblastoma (a deadly type of brain cancer), investors and traders were weary holding over the weekend and despite popping over 20% on release of the news early a steady sell-off beat the share price down to just up 4% instead of up over 20%. We see intense action on Monday and throughout the week with this one.

Buy Under 0.26

TAIT (Taitron Components) A distributor of electronic components which is nearing profitability, they issued a special dividend recently and with an extended lull of news and PR releases in addition to the pop last week from $0.85 to $1.01 a share we see a great momentum and ground floor investing opportunity. 

Buy Under $1.00

ATNM (Actinium Pharmaceuticals) Trending downwards over the last week from $1.90 to $1.70, with many upcoming catalysts including 4 drugs that are in trial we see Actinium as very oversold.

Buy under $1.75

ECTE (Echo Therapeutics) Another biotech involved in making a glucose monitoring system active at all times. Recently releasing some very positive articles on their development and progress. With a strong positive trend from over 3 months ago this could be our most solid momentum/safe play this week.

Buy under $1.50


DGB is finally stabilizing around 66 satoshi.
(Click to enlarge)

We see great value at these levels, 66 satoshi seems to be a stable support level currently.
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