Objective Forex: Long term super stocks page added

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Long term super stocks page added

We've just added a new page catering to more safe long term investment as some people may not want to immerse themselves into managing active trades or the risk of holding volatile small companies.

These stocks are long term value plays that should benefit you the longer you hold them. So far we have 10 tickers added, including SPY which we believe should be added as a portion of a retirement account so you can capture more general market gains of 11% on average. 

In addition to these safe investments we have a new way to generate passive income for yourself completely free. As most of you are aware of from our recent Digibytes article you can earn free DGB coins just for playing online games, right now limited to League of Legends and CS:GO as they are adding more in the future.

If you do play these and would like to earn free DGB click here to link your account.

We have also created a changetip account, feel free to try it out by clicking here.

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