Objective Forex: Trading Week 4/25/16

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Trading Week 4/25/16

An excellent streak of good plays continue as we wrap up last week and enter this one. 

Forex Play

Our forex play last week was spot on with the USDJPY rising right after alert from 108.6 up to 111.7, and even with this impressive rally we are going to continue this long. 

Please be alert for a slight drop as profits are taken and be on the lookout for an excellent buying opportunity after a short dip this week. We see continued upside at the 110.0 levels.

LONG USDJPY at 110.0
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Stock Picks This Week

We have another round of potent picks this week.

NXTD (NXT-ID) A software/tech company specializing in biometrics and security logistics involving law enforcement and face recognition. We have featured this play before around the same share price levels and it reached near $0.80 cents a share, right now it is hovering around $0.46 a share with solid support and we are picking up signs of accumulation although institutional ownership is low for this company.

Buy under $0.45

NEOT (Neothetics) A clinical stage pharmaceutical company specializing in fat reduction, currently developing an injection procedure that looks promising in slimming down body size without killing the fat cells involved. This company has been unfairly beaten down from $10.00 a share just 5 months ago down to 0.60 cents before buyers came in full swing sending the price up to $1.04 a share (40.54% last trading session) and we definitely see the momentum continuing, this could prove to be an excellent long term play as well.

Buy under $1.00

TTNP (Titan Pharmaceuticals) A pharmaceutical company developing treatments for opioid dependence as well as Parkinson's disease and with the recent momentum and price action we believe upcoming Phase 3 data for their drug is pretty much confirmed already. As always with pending study results exercise caution investing in this company as study failure is still possible.

Buy under $6.50

AREX (Approach Resources) Oil and Gas company based in Texas, has been on a momentum streak this last week running from $1.60 to $2.50 with very high institutional ownership at 67.72%. We believe this is a powerful momentum play as this company improves revenue with rising oil prices.

Buy under $2.10

Last Week Performance Report

60%~ gains this week, (30%~ last week)
MICT and LLEX stayed pretty much unchanged during the week (Update: LLEX popped over 80% on the 27th, those of you still in this trade have gained considerably), however IPDN rose from our $0.45 buy rating up to $0.52 for a 15% gain (Update: IPDN is now at 0.61 as of 5/2/16 for a total of 38% gain from our alert), CBYL was our winner here going on an intense run up over 40% from our alert at $0.59 reaching $0.82 on friday and we expect more similar action in the upcoming trading sessions. Our forex play USDJPY excelled from 108.6 to 111.1+ for excellent gains there as well. In addition our separate stock pick ideas page had a winner too with AMD rushing upwards to $4 a share due to news. We had a price target for AMD of $3 a share however with new analysis we are not retiring this pick since it reached our target. We are going to extend this pick with a new price target of $6 a share.
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