Objective Forex: Trading Week 4/11/16

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Trading Week 4/11/16

We have some fresh plays for this week as we start gearing up for market open and the "emergency" federal reserve meeting on monday, this could add some additional volatility and we recommend you exercise extreme caution trading during fed meetings. There is a possibility of a rate hike.

Forex Play

For forex we are moving to a GBPJPY long as it is heavily undersold and has triple bounced off of support at 152.250.

LONG GBPJPY at 152.250

Stock Picks

STXS (Stereotaxis) A clinical health care company with 27% institution ownership, this company entered our radar after unusual volume and very positive PR releases this month.

Buy under $1.50

SGYP (Synergy Pharmaceuticals) popped 10% last trading session, with 41% institutional ownership and unusual accumulation this stock has the strongest technicals and price action out of this weeks picks and should carry over some bullish momentum into this week, we are also anticipating news as the latest rally is unusual and they have declined to comment on it.

Buy under $3.00

LIFE (aTyr Pharma) Pharmaceutical company down from $4.00 a share to $3.20 in the last five trading days, a large insider buy was just made and there seems to be heavy support at $3.00, shares were trading at $25 just one year ago while institutional ownership is at a high right now with 92%.

Buy under $2.90

VKTX (Viking Therapeutics) A volatile biotech trending downwards recently popped from $1.50 to $2.50 after a positive analyst article before being crushed the next day down 37.31% to $1.21 a share, we believe this is a bit oversold and we recommend playing the pop that should come. We advise a very short term position.

Play the pop under $1.21

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