Objective Forex: Trading Week 4/4/16

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Trading Week 4/4/16

Another exciting week approaches for Objective Forex, we have revamped and improved our existing site logos as well as added a official home page.

For last week our EURUSD play was disrupted by news from the federal reserve causing a sharp rise in EURUSD, we recommend reevaluating a short here on EURUSD with a tight stop-loss. For our main forex play this week we will be switching over to a USDJPY Long again, these support levels have been extremely solid around 111 and a lot of buyers want to secure a position around these zones.

LONG USDJPY at 111.7

Our diamond in the rough last week was SYPR, alerted at $0.85 it cruised steadily up to $1.00 throughout the week, our weakest play ended up being APRI which opened 50% lower on market open due to massive data failure from FDA. This week we have some more powerful momentum/value plays.

Stock Picks

UNXL (Unipixel Inc) A computer/electronics development company, on a run since last session popping over 20% on friday. This company has been struggling with past SEC drama on overhyping production numbers back in 2013, when it was trading around $20 a share, now at $1.10 this recent strength definitely mirrors their better business practices as of now.

Buy under $1.00

RTK (Rentech) A small cap chemical company up over 40% since a few weeks ago (from $2.00 to ~$3.10) this is a beautiful technical setup with a strong visible signs of accumulation. 

Buy under $2.80

CDRB (Code Rebel) A software development/tech company with a strong steady trend last month from $3.00 up to a unusual spike to $7.00, this company may be poised for a merger or partnership of some sort.

Buy under $4.10

QRHC (Quest Resource Holding Corp) An industrial waste company which specializes in efficient and green disposal solutions, one of our more risky plays however at $0.46 a share with a strong friday close and almost touching the 52-week low this could be a great swing opportunity.

Buy under $0.40

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